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  1. Ok, So I decided to make a personal log so I can track what I'm doing and how well it is working. I'm focused on trying to get rid of red acne marks that have been left on my back. Going to use: Lactic Acid Peel 40% - every 5-6 days IG-RLA- "try" to use every day... emu oil - every day
  2. Thanks for the recommendations White Fox. What is really strange is that I never EVER had problems with acne. My face is super clear and its always been that way. All of a sudden my back is breaking out like crazy. Don't know why. I was hoping to stay away from the tanning, but may have to if worse comes to worse. I'll check out the Mandelic Acid. Do you think it would be too much to add to my routine?
  3. Hi Guys, Been lurking for awhile now. Finally brave enough to join. So glad I found this community! You guys are a wealth of information. So I am dealing with bacne. I "think" the pimples are all gone and what is left are just red marks. I need to get rid of these guys FAST! But I feel like it will be impossible. My backs been looking terrible for months now. I haven't been able to wear swimsuits or wear open back shirts. It sucks. I have a wedding in which I will be a bridesmaid at. I'm dreadi