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  1. SAME here....i have been using differin for 20 days....and around 10 - 11th....my face broke out like there was no tomorrow....huge zitz / reddness everywhere.....but around after 15th...its healing....BUT VERY SLOWLY....now im at round 20th day n the break out is there but not as bad. now im adding benzaclin into the mix (2nd day of using) (daytime only)....wow it cleared out about 40% of what the differin break-out on the 20th day. benzaclin (Benzole peroxide) works very very fast....n diffe
  2. i hear differin works VERY SLOW....but it will work but takes time
  3. i have been using differin for about 20 days.....and wow were they rigth about..."it will get worse before it gets better" in about the 10 days....my acne got very bad....but slowly after the 10th day its getting better....but very slowly. now im adding benzaclin into the battle during the day time...then differin at night hepefully this will work....and work fast
  4. to tell u the truth....ur skin looks pretty good. DO NOT go on accutane w/ that kind of skin. try using benzaclin in combo w/ ur differin.
  5. i just got benzaclin today! im using it in combo with differin.
  6. wow this is awesome man....congrats....even tho that was in 2005.....i wonder if your still acne-free right now (july 2008)....and what u have been using after accutane to keep it off.
  7. dont do accutance!!! and it looks like ur dont have scars so DONT PICK IT!!!! get erythromycin gel....it works really fast, will probably reduce alot in a few days drink water!!!! alot of it...make ur pee in a white-ish color! and this is just for fun....eat up 130lbs for 6' is no bueno
  8. hey im new to the forum too. it looks like you have the same kind of ance as i do. try going to ur derm. and get differin and benzaclin. i dont think your act is serious enought to go trough accutane.... shit is bad for ya