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  1. I've read that food allergies can cause acne. (not a brand new scientific breakthrough or anything) I've also read you can get blood tests done to figure out what type of food you're allergic to. Does anyone know how long it takes for results to come back for that type of test?
  2. Yeah, some of the comments were awfully horrible, but really, were you expecting anything more of them? 98% of the people who obsessed with celebrity gossip are a bunch of retards anyway. Fake, superficial, shallow...I could go on all day. My point is that they seem like a bunch of uneducated, ignorant people. I guess that's America for you. What is the world coming to?
  3. How is 3.3 a bad grade?? How is 3.3 a bad grade?? I personally wouldn't be satisfied with a 3.3. If it's not at least 3.5, I'm not happy with it...so I understand the grades thing to an extent. Plus, dropping from a 4.0 to a 3.3 is a pretty significant.
  4. I really love your poems! I'm a writer, too but all of my poems are fairly short. These are a few written at different points in time this past year, Stuck So, I guess this isn’t working for me, tired of the nothingness and emptiness within underlying problems, they grow old and cliché like your hopes and aspirations knocking down the walls I build, blowing me away (inevitably, we’ll drown in our pretentious words and nonsensical probably wouldn’t even begin to describe it) the floor
  5. I've got pretty bad acne and hyperpigmentation and scarring, but even before all of this crap popped out of the wazoo I was never really happy. When acne and all that jazz appeared in my life things got significantly worse, of course. I've always been pretty deadset against taking pills for depression or even going to the doctor or someone to get diagnosed. I keep saying that the notion of depression is just all in my head. (as ironic as that may be) But how do you know when it might actually be
  7. In my opinion, you should shave it. I have the same problem. It's like shaving your legs though, the hair will keep growing back. Just be careful. I've been doing it for three years now and I've never once cut myself or experienced any pain.
  8. I'm half trinidadian, and I have acne but it's really not too bad. Well, it's bad to me...but it is tolerable and controllable. The main problem I have are all the ugly dark spots plastered all over my face, mostly on the forehead. I got them from picking, squeezing, etc. I used to think that scars would better than the bumps but my belief systems began to change when scars were almost all I had. A dermatologist is out of the option for me. I'm seventeen. The oldest of the scars are maybe six
  9. dark-eyed

    July 08

    Done nothing but wash face twice a day, diet needs improving, desperately need to stop picking, and coming up some sort of regimen would be helpful. *working on* So, I guess this is the majorly before album?
  10. Seriously, I'm agreeing with the other posters here. You're a pretty handsome guy. I wouldn't let it bother you because you could be worse off. But I'm around your age, I know how it feels. I'm starting school in the fall and I'm getting a job soon, etc.
  11. I...am most definately a picker, which truly does only make everything worse. I'm half indian so I have darker skin and I've got so many dark spots now thanks to my picking habits. I get them regardless of whether I pick or not, but if I pick they get significantly worse. I need to stop and find another method of stress relieving, so I'm joining you guys. And if I could cover my mirror, I would so do it, but I share my mirror with a sibling so that is not an option. I can only imagine how muc