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  1. so this is it! ive had it with acne, ive had it for four years now, and i am beginning my journey on accutane starting soon. in approx. 3 weeks. this is my current state<. i have active and inactive cysts on my chin and forehead, as well as zits and every other pimple-like structure. lol i really! hope this works, its my last option! Current Date - Wednesday July 9th, 2008
  2. Hey! yep, I'm right there with ya. Although I am getting much better from using this site as far as confidence goes. I think the more I'm able to get out, the less I break out because of less stress. How's everything going for you?

  3. should i really avoid soda? or can i drink diet would that help? let me know please:) thanks!
  4. heey, i feel the exact way you do. i sometimes dont want to leave the house, i feel so embarrassed to around anyone, but im starting accutane soon, so i really hope it helps. but message me back if you like, we can chat, talk to you later:)