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  1. my advice to you, would be to use clean and clear advantage acne control system..ive been using it for about 6 weeks now and my acne has thankfully vanished.
  2. yea.. iv gotten initial breakouts with oxyclean.. once you stop i just broke out like crazy..not good experience.
  3. had anyone tried differin? i see the commercials like 4 times a day..
  4. ive done that.. it made my skin appear smoother.. and more radiant....but yea.. just steaming your face alone will slow down the process of fighting your acne..been there .. done that,.
  5. has anyone used the .. st. ives peel?///the hydrogen peel
  6. KimberlyXOX

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  7. lol... yea im turning 16 soon and i have like ...as i would say... "" acne attacks".. and it makes no sense to throw away ur products ... butsteam your face once in a while..it works alright i guess...not a cure... but it helps....and at that age your havent really seen acne yet.
  8. another thing that you can do is putting a tea bag in the water.. and i use a pot instead of plastic just to keep the heat.
  9. thanks guys. im happy i found this site..i was ready to go to the hardware store and get some sandpaper..lol
  10. Has anyone ever tried proactive? people are telling me it doesnt really work..im confused about what to put on my face... i have tried almost everything ....ie..oxyclean, neutrogena,,and more..im contiplating on what to do now..,..kinda frustrating