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  1. You look great girl! but one little thing, i recommends you to finish the course, i'm talking about the recommended Dose per KG (120 MG per KG) yo avoid new breakouts in te future. I'm in the month the next friday and... im breaking out a lot more, i only wish to have the same results like you . Good luck an good bye!
  2. lol Nice pic but I think that mines a little bit better

  3. Hey! in the last pic the red mark are really fading quick =).. i think the only thing that works is the time, like you said... oh and your skins seems really smooth and tight, which is very good can you post a pic of the week 21 or actual? Byes and the best for you!
  4. It's only the begin of the second month, just give the time accutane needs to clears you up I'm pretty impatient, and i'm having the IB right now i think, yeah it upsets me, but you only needs to think the results in the end of the trip Wish the best 4 you
  5. cici89: Not really, see, all the organism have diffrent responses, so you can have a IB or not... anyways don't worry so much, at the end, with IB or without IB you surely will have a clean face Byes!
  6. Until you're on Accutane, i think thats not a good idea :S... your skin becomes REALLY sensitive, but real.. and yeah certainly you will be able to get more scarring because the skin of the body in general becomes more fragile. Whatever, i don't like two pieces of plastic in the chest of a woman, i think the human body of the woman is beautiful just like natural, no plastic ahha and i think your future husband will think the same and he loves you the way at you're Cheers!
  7. The normal is 1 round i believe, many people i know with one single round they win the acne battle, but it's pretty normal two rounds of tane, all depends of your organism.. some people stay clears for 2, 3 or forever with one round and other just don't and need two or even three rounds of tane. Usually with the second round so many people get clear and no return the acne in a loooong time o never comes back as he knows.. I don't know your weight or you type of acne, but you need to know the i
  8. Thanks for the answer ! i will ask to my derm for a product, i have the app the next week. Again, thanks!
  9. Hi! in my experience, i have mild acne too since a few months and i started accutane about 2 weeks, and i'm having the IB :S I think it's a part of the process, it get worse and after becomes better ! if you're tired of the creams and antibiotics and no results or temporary result.. you should go on Accutane. Good luck!
  10. mmm...


    I think is more like ''pink marks'' don't see red in the photos, i have a few of pinks marks, it will dissapear with a little bit of time i think it will take less than a year for sure, my mom always says.. ''the skin is very very slow to heal.. but eventually it always heals'' (i think her theory doesn't apply to the pits haha ), you look fine, for real byes!
  11. haha i was in the same, i'm in the IB and yeah, it sucks! But iamgross is telling you the real deal... don't put any cream, BP, acids or whatever, your skin with Accutane is REALLY sensitive, for real. An example is this, the sunday i went to play a soccer match in the morning and well i fall down in the floor and mi hand hit the grass, in the past this event woludn't cause any problem, but my hand now (the skin) is with a sort of scar and it's a little bit red.. it's normal, all the skin wit
  12. Well i'm on Roaccutane (9 days) and i have a few reed/pinks marks of the pimps, before the Roaccutane i was made (with no intention hah) a little pink mark, in the intent to get rid of a blackhead.. it happen two months ago and the mark gets a little better but not all My doubt is... aprox what time takes to dissapear this pinks marks (only a estimated time please) :S? i have in the past a few and dissapear but i dont remember what times takes.. oh and this is for users of accutane: the pink ma