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  1. Cyst are like big bumps under the skin; like big. If its red and near the top; then its a pimple. Takes a while for the head to pop up.
  2. Mind taking some photos of acne for us to see? Cause even if you say they are bad; they might not be as bad as you think they are. And I was on Dans regiment for 2 months before I was clear... 2 weeks is still the purging or whatever beginning stage.
  3. Eventually the skin that is blocking the pore will get remove and all the white thing will come out. But sometimes they can get quite annoying and don't pop or whatver; usually i just sanatize a needle and poke it then clean it with a q-tip. Usually works and no touching the skin at all :D
  5. I have a small asian goatee, that some how makes me look better in terms of distracting people from my mark. But when I do shave it, its hell man.... Its a fucking volcano in my face.
  6. It doesn't matter whether its the Acne.org moisterizer or an all natural moisterizer. I've tried others as well; but its like every time I moisterize, I break out and get those big arse pimples that usually takes a week to turn into white heads. I mean, I'm at the point where I just cleanse and don't even care about moisterizing my face, but i've heard to that moisterizing helps lessen the red marks or what ever. Anyone having issues with moisterzing?
  7. I heard rubbing olive oil on red marks works, they are said to be loaded with vitamin E and everyone brags that vitamin E works on clearing red marks so idk. I have yet to try it yet because i still need to get the acne under control first.
  8. 2Koncious

    bird poop

    1 word.... Ew As desperate as i am to clear my red marks, i will never go as far as putting any kind of feces or other bodily fluid on my face.
  9. Ill try this thx, but how exatly did you dilute it? can you give me orders on how to do it plz Example: I used 1 tablespoon of AVC, then I add 1 tablespoon of water to the AVC, you can do 2tablespoon,3,4, etc. Just put the same amount of water and ACV together and it should be considered a 50/50 ratio. That's basically it, diluting is just reducing the acid in the ACV so it doesnt sting as much.
  10. Try wearing glasses and then walking slowing backwards from the mirror, it's even worst!
  11. I get that too with the AHA, i get a few pimples and white heads in the morning with it. But, I'm not too worry because when I put the BP on it feels like its working and the pimples and whiteheads that came during the night is usually gone by the afternoon.
  12. I've been doing it for a couple weeks now and it seems to be working a bit, but i still get pimple here and there, even in places i have never had pimple before; like my neck. For me...It's working to an extent, but it hasn't cured me yet, so..... but, to be honest, i havn't been following the direction that closely. So, it might be me =\ iono Bottom line, it cures but not all of it.
  13. Alright, thanks guys. I think the reason was i put it to early, i didnt allow the bp to get fully absorb into my skin, i put it on when it was still slightly wet. But, i tried it when the bp dried and i can feel it working.
  14. I watch Dan's video about using AHA as a moisterizer and i have been doing that but i dont think its very effective, at least the way i do it. What i want to know is do use it after the bp dry on my face or is it better if i use it without the BP?