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  1. Hey all I remember using this forum for some great help so I just wanted to update on how everything went. I had chronic moderate acne for years, ranging from severe, scarring acne to mild acne. I hadn't had clear skin in over 5 years. I was supposed to be on accutane for 6 months. I started out optimistic, I had read a lot of hopeful stuff on the forums. It got worse the first month, better the second, then after that worse again and stayed very bad. Because accutane didn't seem to be wo
  2. Thanks Lisa. Right before the 3rd month, I was off accutane for a few days because I had run out. My skin broken out during that time period and it has never since recovered. So, I don't know if it was the increased dosage or not. Hopefully it will get better this week. IF anyone has had a similar experience, it would be great to hear it. Thanks!
  3. Hi, today is day 120 (I have finished 4 months) for me on accutane. I weigh about 75kg. I have moderate acne. Month 1: 20mg / day Month 2: 30mg / day Month 3: 80mg / day Month 4: 80 mg / day I am scheduled to be on 80 for 2 more months. So far, the accutane hasn't really worked to clear up my acne. My face is very red, has a lot of red spots, and I am still breaking out frequently. In fact, my acne hasn't really gotten better, perhaps only slightly. Do some people have a resistance to a
  4. Hi all, I am a college student and I have been suffering from moderate acne for about 5 years. I have tried a lot of things, finally after reading about accutane, I decided I wanted it. I recently moved, so I had to change dermatologists. My old dermatologist had been fine starting me on accutane, though I had to leave before I could start it with him, but my new one was reluctant to, he said my acne wasn't serious enough. However, he is also very old (80+) and didn't seem to intelligent -