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  1. No you're not, I haven't lost a single hair. And honestly I wish I would because my hair is WAY too thick. When wet it weighs about 26 pounds. Takes me forever to brush. But please don't envy me because I have experienced every other side effect in the worst way (just read my log Lissa don't worry, it is supposed to grow back. I know its stressful now but I'm sure you'll be back to normal after the 'tane leaves your system. Thanks! I think it will. Not as stressed right now s
  2. You know what I think it is? Accutane can lessen the blood flow to the face, and acts as an anti inflammatory. So I think it sucks all the swelling or whatever out of your face. Have you noticed your eyes look less puffy too?
  3. Yeah I've noticed that too. I've read a lot online about hair loss begining far into the course or after the course. I don't know why a lot of people here notice it right away. Not sure what that means... I gently blew my hair dry last night for the first time in weeks because I was sick of it being flat and ugly. I can cover the bad area in the front pretty well by changing my part. It looked okay I think. At least my friend didn't mention anything. YAY!
  4. Thanks, unfortunately I was on only 10 mg (for rosacea) and it happened to me. Hopefully lowering the dose will help you though. If your hair loss stopped really quickly that’s a probably a good sign. It’s been nearly 4 weeks since I got off accutane. Today I took down my ponytail and gently put my fingers through my hair and 41 hairs came out at once. 41 in under a minute! Yikes. Now I don't know whether to stop the biotin or what???? I doubt it has much to do with the inc
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm back to taking the vitamins starting today. It has been falling out more and more over this week. When I take my ponytail down - which I have a habit of doing frequently throughout the day - I lose about ten hairs at least. I leave work and notice that my chair is covered in hair. I wish I could just avoid mirrors so I don't get depressed but it's hard to ignore the problem when hairs are falling onto your keyboard every five minutes. This is seriously the worst side
  6. I have hair loss too. I quit only two weeks into it since I got really scared. It should grow back although they say sometimes it persists for a long time - but this I think is extremely rare. I would not have quit if I had had disfiguring acne though. Here's the deal - if you get off the accutane hair loss can possibly continue for up to three to six months. So getting off accutane won't automatically stop it from falling out. I haven't taken any accutane in 3 weeks and my hair loss conti
  7. I think anyone who isn’t at least a little cautious about accutane is just in denial and irresponsible. You can’t just jump into something that can have SERIOUS side effects thinking you’ll be fine and nothing bad can ever happen to you. It’s a big decision and you have to weigh the risks and benefits. But, like you say, it can really improve your life when everything goes well. Tdot - If you have tried everything and acne is taking a severe toll on your face and on your life, the
  8. I don't see the pic - how do I get to it? The reason accutane is recommended when there is a risk of scarring is because if the acne continues out of control the scarring will be really bad. Cystic acne can leave bad pits even if you don't touch it. So accutane needs to be used quickly so the cysts don't continue to leave scars all over the face. If you don't think your acne is that bad, then do not do it. It is your decision. The red marks will fade with time once you get cleared up. You
  9. Thanks for your support everyone! It really helps. I quit very quickly when I noticed hair loss. I thought maybe it was my imagination but I wanted to be safe. Very glad I just stopped. I’m hoping that will save me in this situation. I still have a substantial ponytail; the hairloss is mostly just showing in the front. I’ll try the peppermint oil. I was taking Vit C, Biotin, and B complex but I thought that made things WORSE so I stopped just cause I wanted to naturally l
  10. It’s been almost three weeks since I stopped taking accutane (only 10 mg/day dose for rosacea for about two weeks). I stopped because I was shedding a lot and thought I'm might be losing my hair. It is becoming clear to me that my hair has thinned over the past few weeks. I am worried that it won’t grow back. For those of you who lost your hair and regrew it - when did the hair loss peak? How long does it take to stop falling out and when should I start noticing hairs growin
  11. It's probably a combo of the retin a and the fact that your skin is still sensitive from the accutane. Get off the retin a and give your skin some time to calm down.
  12. My derm told me to NEVER EVER use a single product made by clinique if I EVER hope to be acne free! I was also told to throw my Oil of Olay in the trash as soon as I got home! Apparently, Clinique and Olay are products that a most likely to cause breakout! Hm interesting. I use Clinique City Block for my sunscreen after my derm recommended it and it is the best! No clogging of the pores or breakouts. I don't use any other Clinique products though. I think your derm may have said that
  13. Whoa wait - are you telling me Accutane CREATES wrinkles?? Last I heard dry skin does not cause wrinkles, it can make them look worse but if you moisturize it should be okay. Am I wrong?
  14. I know someone who took accutane at the beginning of high school and experienced a growth spurt a year or two later. He is now 6'1" In fact, he had such a tremendous growth spurt that he got this condition of the knees where you grow too quickly and the bone sort of grows weirdly. Not freaky looking but it was cause of his massive growth. Hope this helps!
  15. So good to hear about your hair growing back. The only thing that scares me is that I've read a good number of people in other forums say its been three years post accutane and they still only half like half their hair. I also read a doctor say hair loss is sometimes permanent. www.baldingblog.com/2006/06/21/accutane-hair-loss-is-permanent/ Now that is terrifying. Hopefully it only happens to a very small percentage of people, or maybe they think it's permanent because it takes a good num
  16. Vitamin A supplementation shouldn’t be taken at all while on accutane. However, it’s in the form of beta carotene, which should just get flushed out of your system and not converted to Vit A when there’s too much. Or at least that’s my understanding. So you should be fine. As for the hair thinning, it shouldn’t be bald spots, it should be all over. But some people notice it concentrating around the temples and in the front. I read a blog about a girl who
  17. I'm going to have an operation and I know you shouldn't have procedures to the skin while on accutane (laser resurfacing, dermabrasion etc.) but what about internal surgical procedures? I've only been on 10 mg per day but I'm seriously considering getting off it because of this surgery (I'm also paranoid about hair loss but that's a story for another thread ). So while I haven't taken very much accutane, I am still worried that the incision line will scar and keloid or be hyper/hypopigmented
  18. Yup I totally know! I am a worrier!! I was like on the verge of freaking out until I read this post and it actually made me feel a lot better. I’ve only taken 140 mg of this stuff TOTAL in my entire life. You’d think there’s no way that small amount could produce noticeable hair loss if others take upwards of 80 mg / day for months, right? And I am probably being paranoid, though I really have noticed a good number of hairs coming out. But then again I never paid attention to how
  19. Thank you so much for that thorough response. It all makes sense. Here’s my question – if I am experiencing TE after 2 weeks on a low dose (10 mg/day) and discontinue the course immediately, should I experience less hair loss than those who did a full course with a regular strength dose? I am pretty sure I am seeing a form of hair loss because when I gently tug at a small section of hair about 5 hairs come out at a time. And I lost maybe 100 strands when running my fingers thr
  20. Hey! Thanks for your response. Actually low dose accutane can often be very effective for stubborn cases of rosacea (I also have mild bumps so I though it might help that too). See this http://rosacea.ii.net/hl/28519.html I had one photoderm (technically IPL) session in 2003 and it blasted the fat cells under my face, aging me and causing surface irregularities. It was the biggest mistake of my life and I really don't trust lasers - I know of too many people who suffered the same problems
  21. I'm taking accutane for rosacea at a low dose - 10 mg/day. Only two weeks into this and I am seeing hair loss. I thought maybe it was just my imagination over the past week or so but tonight I was very gently pulling my fingers through my hair and must have grabbed over 100 hairs in my hands. This is awful! I thought doing a low dose meant this sort of thing wasn't going to happen (or at least wouldn't happen so quickly and so obviously). I love my hair. I will not take anymore accutane,
  22. Oh man. What to believe? If it is due to dry hair follicles, would keeping my hair moisturized and oily help? My hair has seemed to dry out a lot - I usually have to wash it at least every other day and I haven't washed it since Saturday and it still doesn't look too greasy. And does anyone know the average number of strands of hair a person loses per day?
  23. Is it because the scalp and follicles get very dry? If so, would it help if I only washed my hair a few times a week? Not sure if my hair is coming out at all, although I’ve noticed some hairs here and there – although hair does naturally fall out on its own! So it could be paranoia, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.
  24. Hey guys - I have these eraser marks from an IPL treatment I had 3 years ago. I think they are fat loss - this also came with increased pore size and crinklier skin!!! So if either of you are having problems, I'd report it immediately. The rytec people need to know if their machine is causing fat loss (even if you are happy with the procedure on the whole). These problems came to a head far too late for Thermage, after a lot of people suffered dents and crinkly skin and fat loss from it. Plea