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  1. I get these all the time, Its probably the thing i get on my face the most. I can feel it coming, then the area turns red.. then the bump starts to come up, it hurts like hell and like you, if i try and pop it just clear fluid comes out. I have tried everything to clear them up but theres really nothing that works for me, i know your not meant to use it on your face but i use hydricortizone cream, put a blob on and leave it to soak in, it takes down the swelling a bit. I have applied bp, it does
  2. Thanks guys, you cheered me up, i shouldnt care what people think and as you say Necromancer it is just the fear eople i will see have better skin than me. Tistandshout.. sounds like a great excuse to spend a little money on myself haha *thinks of what to buy nice* seriously tho, i know what you mean about being a herman! the amount of days/nights i've spent hiding in the house wishing my spots to go away! I think you should go to the party thechangingman just go easy on the caking lol I have
  3. I have 2 cysts that are slowly going down thanks to bp but i have the dry and red skin around them now... how do i cover it without looking caked and a mess? I have mineral make up and liquid foundation.. it's making my spots worse keep trying to cover them, not being happy with it and washing it back off again
  4. I had a cyst come up on my chin... then another one right next to it! I plastered on the bp last night which has now left me with the usual dryness, i did Moisturize but still its left me dry and still a little swollen and quite red which is now making it very difficult to cover with make up!! I know people dont care what my skin looks like, and i know it probably doesnt look half as bad as i think it does but i really cant seem to get over that and go out... i dont want people seeing my spots,
  5. I had a look for polysporin online, i can get it but it needs to be shipped from US so a bit of a pain... anyone know of a good antibiotic ointment available in the UK? I plastered my chin with 2.5%bp last night, its took the bumps down a bit but now left with the dryness, did use Moisturiser after which helpt a little.
  6. Ah thanks, I'll look Polysporin up on the net, i like in the UK and havent heard of it.. Thanks )
  7. I was just wondering how old people are with acne?? I am 26 now and STILL have it... when will it end????
  8. Hiya, I feel for you as i am the same, i have a cyst right now on my chin and am very freaked out, and now have a second lump come up next to it! I am stopping in the house today to avoid people seeing my face I tried the asprin mask last night and it didnt really do much for my cyst, it dried the skin on the top so now its more like a huge scab!! I have found asprin masks to be really good on pimples, it dries them up and helps clear them but i wont be putting it on a cyst again! I have taken
  9. Hiya, thanks for your reply. I know what you mean, i always make things worse and end up with a much bigger problem than i started with!! I have some aleo vera gel and found it does take the redness down a little but dried out my skin so therefore spreading the size of the problem..?? I think cause i have 2 close together, i feel it looks 100 times worse than it would be if it were there alone! Thanks for your advice
  10. Hiya, I'm in need of a little advice.. I had a cyst come up a few days ago.. i tried to leave it alone but failed i tried to pop it with no success and am now left with a lump on my chin that is swollen, very red and very sore! The skin on top is broken and a little dry (as i tried an asprin mask) but now i'm really not sure what to do...?? I have another spot come up next to it so now the area looks even worse.. Any advice on what i can do to make it flatter and less red? (ice hasnt worked) I