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  1. You honestly believe that staying out of the sun for a few months, and living indoors is gonna be beneficial to ure skin? I cant see it man. Sun in moderation can actually dry up acne. and u need sun exposure for vitamin D. Im not having a go at ure thread m8 .. im glad its helped ure acne.. but what about other sufferers whos acne responds well to moderate sun exposure. Its far from a cure!
  2. I had red marks after finishing tane the first time i went on it.. and it was frustrating. I still have them but theyve faded alot since. It prob varies from person to person .. but just give it time m8. I also try to avoid long hot showers because the same thing happened to me with the dead skin. Just keep moisturising regularly and u'll be grand. All the best .
  3. You usually have monthly bloodtests to check ure liver, cholesterol and triglyceride levels(because they may increase whilst been on tane).
  4. Its not meant for ppl with minor acne or just blackheads. Its for severe acne. This is my 2nd time on it now and its improved my skin alot. I believe this drug is a lifeline for ppl with severe acne ... and even though i know its not a cure .. its the closest thing to it, and for that i cant thank roche enough.
  5. 22 soon to be 23 (and fed up with acne grr)
  6. Some people that dont even go near cysts still end up with scarring .. so can u imagine what popping them would do
  7. im on week 5 and my back is killing me.. im hunched at times lol. Im mainly getting chapped lips and dry skin .. not so much nose bleeds this time around. But its all worth it i think for better skin Best of luck to ya man !
  8. Great post heyo .. best of luck to ya bud