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  1. Lol, that's actually happened to me several times before. Watching t.v. with some people and the proactive commercials come on. I usually just tell everyone how much I want to kill Jessica Simpson (joke) and how much of a dumb ass bimbo she is (for being the proactive cover-girl). They always agree and say they were thinking the same shit. Lol. Proactive is like the General Motors of acne. Instead of focusing on making good products (cars), they focus on marketing the bad products they h
  2. Beauty is common. You either are born with it, or pay for it. What's rare is a great personality, and a great outlook on life. About the makeup thingy. On my college, i see lots of beautiful girls and most dont use makeup. We have to be realistic here. Yes, some are ugly without makeup, others aren't. Having seen that videoclip of makeup i come to verify what i was thinking. Girls are such cheaters... DenD359: I, for one, wouldn't mind (if you added them some brains) ; D
  3. Not only masturbation, but also erections cause levels of bad hormones to rise. In turn, your sebum glands get overwhelmed by androgen production and excrete like crazy to balance homeostasis. You should try to get into yoga or something to stop the erections because when you stop that, you stop acne. Good luck, AniMuS
  4. No -- ANY erection will probably cause severe acne. Top tip: don't eat, drink, sleep, move, or breathe either. They all give you spots...
  5. "I'm almost 6 foot tall and weigh 10 stone, slightly under but I'm unable to put weight on because my metabolism is to damn fast. " I'm 1,78m and weight 70kg. Ideal weight would be 75kg. I weighted 65kg for years, then i decided to eat more and better, and the weight slowly went up. My acne is also much better, but i've been doing other things to it, so i cant attribute the weight gain to that improvement.
  6. "Can't go wrong with Optimum Nutrition. http://www.wheygoldstandard.com/" Yup. I have tried strawberries, chocolant mint and cookie. They all taste very good.
  7. On the other hand, most people get their acne treat by conventional treatments. They just don't come to the internet moan about it. My acne is as better as it has ever been in years since i started using some creams my derm prescribed 2 months ago. If you had light acne, you shoulda use something light too.. BP is pretty harsh.
  8. Acne is never good. Yes it may have some good aspects, but they never outweight the bad ones. I've never been as clear as i am right now (except before acne started about 6 years ago), and i can tell you, i'd rather never have had it, and never have gained any benefit that came along. I always looked at my face and thought, that i wouldn't probably kiss a girl on the skin if hers was like mine (it was moderate/mild, but enough to be bad looking, specially the red marks and the overall appearan
  9. The British Dietetic Association, which represents 6,000 dieticians across Britain, said that there was no "potion or lotion" which could "magically" rid the body of chemicals. The theory behind detox - that dangerous toxins build up in the body - was dismissed by the health experts, who said the body was constantly cleaning itself. Thousands of slimmers are expected to try a detox diet in the next few weeks, spurred by guilt over heavy drinking and eating during the festive period. A wide ra
  10. Masturbations causes acne, and so does any erection. If you want to get clear, don't see any humans of the opposite sex, and abstain yourself from doing one the most basic function you were made to do, that is sex. (you might wanna try stop breathing too)
  11. "Science does explain it in all those studies. Diet affects hormones, blood sugar, inflammation, histamines, blood lipids, nutrient levels etc etc which all have a direct effect on acne." My ass they have. Show me a single study that concludes that. I don't mind you thinking diet cured your acne. But trying to make up explanations when there clearly aren't any yet is something i won't let pass by. The ignorant here is you. Not only you are ignorant you're also misinforming others. Besides, no
  12. Like this: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/
  13. "What about the the one where they looked at 1,200 people, and 300 "acne ages"? No acne." Could be a million other things other than diet.. A good study would be him going to several different places, anaylsing at least 100 subjects on "acne ages" for each one, and having to come to the conclusion that the only common factor between all those tribes or places was a low GI diet or whatever diet. If that were the case, i'd be happy to publicize that study. "Because it is a scientific paper, and
  14. I knew you'd show that one. You always crawl back to Cordain don't you? Can't you see once and for all that the study is flawed and proves nothing? He went to TWO places, one of them with only 15 on the "acne ages". Do you expect that to prove anything? Please. Just look at this conclusions. You can already tell they prove nothing: "Conclusions The astonishing difference in acne incidence rates between nonwesternized and fully modernized societies cannot be solely attributed to genetic differ