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  1. What if your taking a shower or washing your face and it falls off?? but you didnt pop it, squeeze it, or pick them what will happen then??? Is it the same as squeezeing it if that happens???
  2. Well When i took this pixs (Just 5 mins ago) I didnt have any ance there!! I dont get ance that much anymore i get a few now and then but not as bad as before!! But my ance isnt all clear up, i know cuz i get like some now and then but i was wondeing how can i help my Rolling scars??? I know my pitted scars isnt that bad soo im not worry about that.
  3. Well i really dont know what type of scars I have!! Can u guys help ME Out???? Can u guys tell me what kind of products should i use to treat this type of scars??? I want to get something that will work and wont cost me that much Money! I tried a few products but it seem like its not working!! ;( Look at The Pixz On the Bottom! (if you cant see the pixz then tell me)
  4. Well I was wonding which is better Intense gel Or The Vinegar Method???? I been doing the Vinegar Method and it have helped me out a little:) But I heard that Intense Gel is good and im thinking about buying it But i want to know watch is better?? And What is better Puredeming Intense Gel R-ALA Or The Regular Version?????
  5. If you kinda have the similar scars like mine then you should try Vinegar Method because that method helps!!!
  6. Wow your teartment is going soo well:D Im soo happy for you!!!!
  7. Should i try the tape method to see if it works?
  8. Ya that website is good because i just learned something new!
  9. Well I know that i have some icepick scars becuase its the easiest to tell but im nto worry about them cuz i only have a few small one. Well i hope my red marks will heal fast because iwanan know what kinda scars i have because the red marks seems to hide the other scars i think. :sad: I was looking on the net for microdermabrasion and they seem to cost around 100+ thats alot for soemthing your not sure if it will work. :eek: I also been doing the Vinegar Method for about 3 weeks now and it see
  10. So i have Boxcar scars, Rolling scars, some icepick scars and red marks? Damn thats alot!!!
  11. Well I got some more pixs to help you find out what kinda scars i have because im not sure what kinda scars i have. ;( Pix3 Pix1 Pix2 Pix4 Pix5