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  1. dont have to be a bitch about it
  2. if you dont mind me asking how did tane work for you? was there major side effects for you? im interested in taking it when i get insurance, would you reccomend it?

  3. does anyone actually go in there?
  4. stupid in my opinion you dont need drugs or alcohol to relieve stress
  5. okay thank you. can i get this at walmart? haha
  6. i ride bikes, chill with friends. visit cali whenever i can i love san diego/ huntington
  7. Its not so clear. I dont know if you can see in the pic but on my nose im starting to get a couple, and where you can see [like me chin and around mouth] im breaking out also. But ive been just using this clearasil spot treatment irregularly
  8. I live in las vegas and as everyone knows its way hot here. should i be using sunscreen? if so what kind. i hate the smell of sunscreen so is there a good one that doesnt have a nasty smell?
  9. whats a good way to get rid of it there? and how come they show up there anyway? They seem to last forever. any advice? please?
  10. kjs89


    Recent pictures of me, please comment so i know what other people really think. Be completely honest i wont mind
  11. I have scarring on the side of my face from acne. How bad does it look?
  12. does it make your acne worse? cause i tend to let it get scruffy so like ill go a week without shaving. usually no more than two weeks. would that make my acne any worse? cause i like that it hides. (mod edit) when i have a beard i feel better cause most of the acne is hidden