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Vicious Lyss

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    i'm lame
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    camaros, led zeppelin and french fries. in that order.

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    1. I DO THAT TOO lol!

      "enjoy the movie!"

      "you too!"

      "enjoy the food"

      "you too!"

      1. princess by vera wang and fantasy by britney spears ! and secret wonderland by bath & body works, but i prefer the lotion. soooo good oh god
      2. Vicious Lyss

        Me. =)

        Some pictures of me. :)
      3. lord christ, alvin has returned.

        1. I remember a time when you dominated the introduction board.


          1. i love you too big bro

            1. No your not, you are cool! :)

              1. hi i miss you


                ok bye


                1. you're supposed to blend into your neck as well.
                2. thank ya both! a quote i learned today - "But after a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and you just trust who you are." (yes it's from shrek lol) I think once the world got to that point, we wouldn't deal with half the troubles we do now!
                3. Hi,remember me .... ? how are ya?