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  1. intuitive...Im having a intuitive night, I also have to wake up early on the intuitive morning.... Didnt make sense.. Deserve an acne on my mouth for that.
  2. What about doing the regimen and taking b5, would it be even more powerfull? I take b5 and its done a good job, but looking at Dans skin its unbelievable. He doesnt even have a scar..
  3. I dont know, my grandmother gave it to me, it was like a white powder, baby powder, but has an ingredient called baking soda, it got me clear and defends wherever you put it on the face. THe acne starts coming out on your neck when it cant come on your face, It all started going on my back and chest.. but it was good to have clear face. Its been 9 years since I put baby powder (cough cough) on my face.
  4. Hmm I can understand why it would make you generally feel better Lumas, Im going to give it a go as well, sounds fun. lol. And Sad Caroline good luck with it cutie pie awww.
  5. Ahh nice to see my freinds Tai and DoctorDoom, I reckon you should go out with her for as long as you can, you are lucky to have a girlfreind, Im telling you they are REALLY hard to come by for us guys, you have to hold on to her, do everything you can. You got real style and dignity man, you dont even sound desperate in a situation where you should be holding on to her like grim death. What a great man of class you are.
  6. AWWW POOR SAD CAROLINE I hope you are so happy and this is the great cure you have found, and you are clear forever, I hope god puts all the pimples on me so you are clear.. Ur so special!
  7. Hi I have read people who go on some diet to do a "liver flush" what is it?.. and does it work, and how long does it take?.. Can someone who has done it tell me how this diet works??..
  8. Watch it grow.... lol. This happened to me once, I put Baking soda powder on my nose and left it for the night, it helped greatly. I used to use baking soda powder alot in my teens, it did wonders. But it got annoying.