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  1. this thing works perfectly if you have mild acne and occasional red bumps. its been about a month since i started and i'm nearly 100% clear now from 60% clear. i think its very very important that you use a very mild cleanser. i use neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser. <IMG SRC="http://pics.drugstore.com/prodimg/20883/200.jpg> and moisturize well after you do it. i use neutrogena oil free moisture for sensitive skin. <IMG SRC="http://www.cozycot.com/files/neutrogena_oilfree_moisture
  2. do you have your acne under control? once you do have very few active spots, you might wanna try exfoliating and moisturizing. even though you might be oily, this process is a necessary start to great skin.
  3. this is working amazingly for me... once i got my problem side under control, this baby brush has kept ANYTHING from coming back. the only problems is the inflamed areas on one cheek. however, i very gently brushed those area once this week and applied BP. the inflamed areas came to a head extremely fast and dried out fast. the BP was much more EFFECTIVE. i'd be careful about brushing inflamed areas often though.
  4. exfoliating the spots definitely helped! not only did they dry out, but they also shrank quite a bit over 2 days. i wish i had done this earlier in the stage of treatment!
  5. thanks for the tip! i'll have to try this.
  6. hi, I have a few, like 3, papule like bumps on the cheeks for about 1-2 weeks. they wont' really come to a head, but they don't hurt. all they do is sit there and stay inflamed... other than these i'm all clear. WHAT SHOULD I DO? to make it come to a head... would exfoliating the area help? i've run out of ideas!
  7. i'm having some trouble w/ papule type spots! they aren't really painful or anything, but i have 3 stubborn ones right now on the cheeks and they is red swollen. does anyone know of a good way to get them to quickly come to a head??!?!!! I currently use: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser Neutrogena Fight & Fade 2-in-1 Gel twice daily Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture. Bactrim 2x daily I have semi oily skin... PLEASE HELP!
  8. hey all, so i finished my course of accutane a few months ago and started using retinamicro .04% at night. but instead of getting very dry and flaky skin, i am very oily after waking up. my skin is perfectly fine and healthy during the day after washing my face in the morning. is this normal?
  9. theoretically, will using retin-a as opposed to using nothing at all heal the blemishes left from the course of accutane treatment quicker? i have a lot of scarring and PIH from the initial breakout still lingering after 4 months post treatment cus i have skin type IV-V.
  10. completely clear of active lesions after 2.5 months. very bad initial breakout however and scarring/redmarks. stopped treatment after 4 months. been clear for 4 months now.
  11. i'm not sure what i should look for in laser treatments, dermabrasion, or chemical peels. i have lightly tan asian skin (korean). scarring isn't very serious, the blemishes are mostly due to hyperpigmentation from accutane course. thanks for your input.
  12. I'm TIRED of people debating this. red marks go away at a DIFFERENT RATE FOR EACH PERSON. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT NO MATTER WHAT THE TREATMENT!!!!! some peoples red marks go away with accutane some don't blah blah blah.
  13. from the looks of your non severe acne, i think the blotchy skin is a result of not allowing your skin to heal properly and applying too much product to it. use plenty of quality moisturizer and don't scrape or rub away the uneven skin forcefully. it will get better as long as you keep doing this, will eventually even out your texture and tone.
  14. does anyone with darker skintones find that tanning helps even out skin tone and blotchiness/redmarks?
  15. i'm on accutane for 9 weeks now. my acne got severe during my initial breakout. while it settled i began using aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser and ultra calming daily moisturizer. every other day, i also use md forte III glycolic facial cleanser to exfoliate. with the addition of finally being clear 8 weeks into my course, my red marks are clearing up almost rapidly for 1 week now. and i have some very deep red marks i think the key to helping red marks heal is: constant exfoliation to