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  1. Ok...my skin really does look better. But my face hurts like hell!! At first I was fine, I was in the 3rd week and started using more bp and next thing I know my face is stinging like crazy and hella tight....I used jojoba oil but then peeling started...I am now in the fourth week (2nd day) my face isn't smooth (I guess the skin is about to peel) but I don't want to exfoliate because the places that are peeling sting sooooo bad...Especially when I work out... So I'm wondering too...is it possibl
  2. There are a few that claim to reduce redness. Eucerin Redness Relief and Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer. I've never tried the Eucerin product. I'm currently using Aveeno but can't say whether or not it really helps with redness, but it might be worth a try for you. Aveeno ultra calming gave me a rash :( but maybe it was because i was just starting....I have been using cetaphil moisturizing lotion and a drop of jojoba oil...no rash...but a little redness. I will try aveeno again one d
  3. Thanks! What about the fact that my face stings... Mostly when I work out. But pretty much all day.
  4. I have been on "the regimen" for about 6 days now.... In the past 2 days I have noticed what looks like a rash on my face. There are very fine red bumps all over my face. Yesterday it was just in certain areas but today it looks like they are everywhere. So far my skin does look better, even with the rash (I can't see it unless I am in the mirror looking very closely). I just was wondering if this is part of the irritation that is mentioned on the "What to Expect" page or if its a cause for con