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  1. Day 83 Well haha college has been going good, at the beginning it was tough to go out because I had just begun my 2nd month when i started school, but at the beginning of my 3rd month is when i really saw the improvement. I went from having like 35 active pimples on my face to currently having 1. The results are continuing to go positive and am getting clearer as the days go by *fingers crossed. Acne is the worst disease/impairment that any person could have. Acne alone made me shelter myself b
  2. Day 39 Well I haven't really updated lately because nothing has really changed.... I am breaking out a little bit less but still breaking out with painful pimples for about 3 hours and then they just turn into scabs so...Fast healing. Still have scars from the intense breakout before.
  3. Yo man we are on the exact same day at the same dose.. I'm seeming to follow your path pretty much the same.. Its gotten better but yea I still am getting those random ones.
  4. Day 20 So im pretty sure I had the IB and now its all starting to clear? Not trying to get my hopes up though... I haven't broke out in 3 days which is really amazing compared to breaking out with at least 3 new pimples a day for the past month. Also My skin is starting to get alot more dry/burning feeling with more dry lips, which Aquaphor is amazing for; Great recommendation i found on this site. Also my scalp is very itchy along with dandruff! I can definitely deal with all of this though
  5. Hey man good luck! Im currently on day 19, started out at 40Mg Claravis for the first 10 days and now im taking 80Mg m-f and 40 mg sat-sun.. My dermatologist set it up like this because he knew i was going to college and that he knew that alot of college students drink. So him prescribing 40 mg on the weekends pretty much gave me an open ticket to drink sometimes.. Probably not a good idea to drink weekly as it is really hard on your liver, But if you want to drink on your 21st you'll be fine.
  6. I know what you mean about the red marks man, I haven't popped/picked a single pimple and they just take so long to go away, unusually long i guess because of the accutane.. the breakouts are slowing down though.
  7. wow, not me I'd rather be on my deathbed then deal with this severe acne.... and thats not the accutane depression kicking in, its the truth... I guess thats the difference of people with mild acne and severe acne.
  8. Well for an update Day 14 I Think the Initial breakout has begun I have patches of small whiteheads now... but the thing is they all are scabbed up and feel like if pick them they would just pick off.. two cysts on both sides of my nose, they dont hurt they are just there.. Hopefully this wont last too long Oh and I just started taking 80 mg on monday.. so that may have influenced the breakout. Hah yea thanks finallyonaccutanethis is a horrible time to start this medication with school startin
    Cleared moderate instantly, you could eat whatever you want and do anything to your skin that would be bad to do usually. Antibiotics for long term cause Candidiasis which actually produces acne itself.. so once you become immune you then have to deal with the overgrowth of candida in your body from taking Bactrim long-term. Cleared moderate acne almost instantly, was clear for 2 years then I became immune to the antibiotic and it came back twice as bad.. had to resort to accutane which is proba
  9. DAY 11 Well for an update... I feel like all the pimples I have are still active but have a hard scabby feeling to them, especially the ones underneath my jawline, So maybe its starting to kick in? I have been breaking out a little bit but nothing major so i dont know if this is the IB or not? My forehead seems to be clearing up but my jawling/temples are still pretty severe. Its also amazing how fast some of these whiteheads are coming to the surface! it only took like 4 hours for one next to
  10. Sorry, I was referring to the fact that Ryan said it was to related to the mere fact of genetic.. that's how I perceived what he was typing. Haha I know what a genetic disorder is, I just doubt that they are going to base acne on the sole reason of passing down through genetics. BTW good luck on your course Vintage!
  11. Hey, good luck man. I started the 5th of august so Im only 6 days ahead of you at 40Mg currently, no side effects so far.. And our acne is pretty similar I just have slightly less.
  12. I don't know how you can say that? Acne is by no means a genetic disorder it is just more likely you will get acne if your parents or siblings did. None of my family members (grandparents, uncles, aunts, mom, dad, sisters) have acne whatsoever and they didn't when they were younger.. I would be more inclined to say that acne is a direct result of a persons diet than a genetic disorder :think: In fact I know my acne is influenced and affected by what foods I eat or don't eat. Also I believe that