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  1. i dont have an answer, but hows the nirzol working?
  2. Wow.. I have not been on this site since prolly early 2009. I was bored today and I thought do some bullshit and I ended up here. My post is directed at Joey T (no offense or anything but I think we are almost in the same situation). I stopped using DKR August 2009 and only used Paula's BHA Liquid 2% and the Gel sometimes. I realized, I don't have pimples(I do get a zit or 2 every like 3rd week or so though) I have these clogged ass pores and oily skin. Also I get skin colored bumps that eithe
  3. Hey man, I have the exact same issues. I have been on the regimen using Dan's products for 5 weeks. My acne wasnt so bad, just minor issues like whiteheads and such. I also have a few of those REALLY small whiteheads on my forehead, and I just noticed my nose has little spots. These are my 2 main troubled areas. I also play sports in the morning and I hate washing my face when I wake up, only to take a shower 2 to 3 hours later. Im just gonna do the regimen early in the morning and use Olay
  4. thanks for the reply, I just play soccer, thats like less than 2 hours outdoors, and its only 2 or 3 times a week. I'm going to purchase Olay moisturzer tomorrow.
  5. whats a good sunscreen? Like what SPF should we be looking for if your on the regimen/
  6. Hey, today is my 5th week on the regimen and my face gets really red and itchy as well using Dan's mositurizer but it does help moisturize my face. At night, I just started using the AHA+. For Day time, I might try using less of Dan's Moistizurer when I stay at home, and when I leave the house for work or school I m gonna try out Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15, Sensitive Skin.
  7. hey thanks for the replies. I put the regimen on at 3pm after the shower I had on that day, and for night time I just went to sleep at around 2am so it was like a 11 hour period. I woke up today at 11am and put the regimen on. So basically Im back to normal. and my acne is healing perfectly. Im using 1pump for my whole face and on friday it will be a month. also do u guys have the regimen when u go to parties and stuff?
  8. hey guys thanks for the responses. I have another problem, lol. I did the regimen at about 9am today, got a haircut n took a shower at 2pm. I put the regimen on again at 3pm. Should I put the regimen on again at night before I go to sleep tonight? which would be probably at 12am-1am? thanks again.
  9. Hey guys, the Regimen has been excellent, this is my 3rd week. I started very slow with the BP, and I'm using about 3/4 to 1 pump twice a day. (will increase to 2 pumps in a week or so). I did experience a minor breakout during the first week, which has healed excellently. Just some minor situations right now which will subside as I gradually increase the BP. My question is, on the weekends I go to work at 8am, and I put the Regimen on at that time, and when I come home I take a shower at aro
  10. on the back of the aha+ from Dan, it says that it helps with fine lines and wrinkles. maybe try that out later on.
  11. i saw this girl with acne the other day, and she wass hot as helll. straight up, if she got that ass, i gots to lookkk.
  12. hey im on the regimen too now, with the acne.org products. it has been working great my face, especailly on my cheeks, nose, and chin. However my forehead is oily, n there are several closed comedones there. I also used a little bit more BP on my forehead n this morning, i noticed a few were gone. I ll try that again PCCE
  13. Languages: I am happy to have mild acne. But you know how it is when people freak out about little things. Overall I hope Dan's Regimen will help out my skin and clear those closed comedones. I hope the BP wont be irritating because Benzaclin caused drying and flaking but that was 5% BP. I hope there wont be a IB either. thanks
  14. c'est la vigne: i was waiting for your input, thanks. i will follow Dan's instructions correctly. I will make sure to start slow and be easy with the BP. Any other tips to help make DKR successful? Also does the moisturizer cause breakouts?