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  1. Thanks for the responses calla lilly, MountainMan and kimcj86. To kimcj86 I am not proud to say it but yes I am serious, or at least I was. I am beginning to think Mountainman was spot on with his comments towards me. For years now I have had countless moments when I have been stressed out over this, I have dealt with depression and low self esteem over a variety of issues and maybe this has led to me looking at minor flaws in myself and magnifying them into something much worse to the point i
  2. I’ve been dealing with blackheads since I was about 15/16 and they have always been a huge confidence killer for me, the few people I have confided in about this issue have always assured me there is nothing to worry about and they cant really be seen but I always see them when passing a mirror and I am always convinced others can see them to, I avoid eye contact with people because of it at times. I have always wanted to put a picture of my blackheads up online but on mobile camera or webca