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  1. I went to see my derm yesterday, and found out they gave me a new one even though my old one still works there. At first I didn't mind until we started talking. I have very very mild acne after being on accutane a few years ago. But it still bothers me when I break out and my skin is still imbalanced. I went to see him just to see if there was something topical I could do, if accutane was needed again, etc. We both agreed that my skin was no where near bad enough for accutane. But then he tried
  2. I am not sure. Are you using a harsh cleanser? Is your skin dry and irritated? You can try a gentle/natural cleanser, a good moisturizer, etc. For the puffiness- hmm. I personally have never experienced that. But I am sure someone here on the boards must have a suggestion or a similar experience. It might be easier to offer you ideas if we knew what products you are using currently.
  3. I cup my hand and mix the oils with my finger. It might not mix as nicely as it would in a cup or bowl, but that way I can just rub my palms together and then massage my face and I don't waste any of the oil.
  4. Hi! I totally feel you. I first started getting really bad acne when I was 13-14 (now I am 21). I tried EVERYTHING including proactive, and it didn't work for me. But everyone is so different that it's hard to say if it will or won't work for you. If you just started, give it time to start working. The only thing I noticed with it, is that when I used the toner after washing my face, dirt came off- almost like the face wash didn't do anything. But again, that might have just been me! I am using
  5. In a sense I agree with you. I went on accutane and was a "lucky one" - it cleared up my skin and I have stayed relatively clear. (Although my skin has never been as clear as it was while still on the meds.) I have some minor and annoying acne now and random spouts of breakouts. Anyways, if I had to choose, I wouldn't go back on Accutane before trying the other alternatives again. I was always worried about the side effects too, and thankfully I didn't have any long term damage. However, for a l
  6. I myself am just starting a new treatment of Differin and antibiotics after having some ups and downs after my first course of accutane (years ago), so I can't really make the comments of "Keep going with what you have!" or anything like that since I am not at that point quite yet. But concerning the accutane, I think it's really a personal choice. Do the benefits still out weigh the risks? For me I wouldn't go back on it because the answer to that is 'no' for my scenario. However, I know a lot
  7. My Derm put me on accutane after she reviewed my history of ups and downs. She took into consideration how long I had the problem, not just how bad/not bad it was at the time. I don't know if all Derms are the same on this, but she really tried to understand how much it meant to me to clear up my skin as well.
  8. I just started using the facial kit by C.O. Bigelow from Bath and Body Works and found that it works rather well. Most of my acne was cleared up with a short accutane usage awhile ago but it does come back every now and then and my breakouts now are just as hard to get rid of as they were before accutane (but this time they eventually go away on their own). Anyways, over the last few years I have tried every cleanser in the world along side with my trusty BP but it always seemed like the BP was
  9. i have had relatively clear skin for a past few years now thanks to accutane (yay!), but i still get little breakouts sometimes, and my forehead had that acne that you can't see, but you can feel it. not much, just a little. anyways. i recently learned about high fructose corn syrup and decided to cut it out of my diet. mainly soda. i stopped drinking soda about 2 weeks ago and already my skin is so much better. it wasn't bad to start with, but my few "bad areas" have cleared up completely, i ha
  10. for me clinique didn't do anything. i had no improvement, but nothing got worse. however, everyone's skin is different.
  11. my skin is the same way. what i do is at night in the shower i use soap and a soft wash cloth to wash my face and kind of buff off the dry skin. i don't put anything on my face at night because i see it as my skin's "rest time". (after all i have put it through during the day it deserves it.) in the morning i wash my face with my hands and whatever face wash i am using at the time. i apply moisturizer (i use aveeno) and then wait about 10-20 minutes for my skin to soak it in, because i use a fai
  12. Well, when your skins stops breaking out, it gives your older breakouts time to heal. so when the older ones are healed and gone, there aren't new ones to replace it, and then, tada!, clear skin from accutane. Granted red marks take some time to fade and some scars may be left. But believe me, your skin will look loads better when your tane course is over.
  13. I got off of Accutane in June of 2004 and have had reasonably happy clear skin ever since. I have noticed, however, that many products I tried before Accutane that didn't work, have worked really well, now that my "acne" acne is gone and I have "normal" acne (regular random small breakouts that come with the joys of being young). Before Accutane I tried all of Neutrogena's products, Aveeno products, benzoyl peroxide, Witch hazel, expholiating scrubs, masks, etc, and nothing worked. But now it s
  14. I too have quite oily skin, though I don't think as bad as you are desribing yours as. My mom tells me that it is a good thing because I won't get wrinkles as easily. I have no idea if this is true though, but I like to pretend to make the oil "positive". Hehe. I went on accutane and after that, my skin wasn't AS oily as it was before, but it went almost back to its normal state (not the acne, just the oil). To control it now, I wash with the Aveeno oatmeal bar, and then use Witch Hazel after
  15. Don't worry about the initial breakout! It is so worth it later. Mine wasn't bad at all, and even if you have a totally horrible one, just wait until it goes away and you will be so pleased! I was started at 40 and moved up to 60 where I stopped after 5 months. There is light at the end of the tunnel! I too had tons and tons of red marks, it looked like I was always blushing they were so bad. But once you stop breaking out, your skin can heal and they fade right away in a few months time. And i