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  1. I wouldn't mind chatting with you (or other people who wants to)! But I don't have Kik(?) If you have a Discord account instead that would work!
  2. ^ Some people can use both with no irritation, maybe for some this could be too much for their skin type. (Depends on the user and also on the product, whether it is well formulated or not.) - There are many products available that use both AHA/BHA. For me, this combo works great on my skin (acne/red marks).
  3. ^ ditto! I love dan's aha+! been using it for many months!
  4. I use the AHA+ every night and it works great. I don't use the BP treatment anymore. The AHA+ has faded some of my red marks due to the BP and my skin is more even tone now! (Smooth too) It also prevent acne (I have mild acne/hormonal) I use it in conjunction with a BHA. I will keep buying this product! Definitely my HG!
  5. Seems like the Acne.org AHA+ is back in stock. So you can order it now
  6. Looks promising Can't wait!
  7. sorry, took a while to respond. =S

    I am actually not using the BP anymore. I have cleared up and only a few pigmentation left due to the BP.. So right now, I only use the AHA at night, and it works great :) How about you?

  8. I used to use the full amount of bp.. because I wanted to follow exactly the regimen, however, my skin was really dry/flaky (hard to talk/eat and even moisturizing wasn't enough + jojoba oil) But I now use a small amount in the morning (pea sized) and a thin line half-finger in the evening (on my acne area) and it works great! (With moisturizer + jojoba oil) I don't have severe acne / more mild-moderate. I guess this works for my skin =) Maybe you can try decreasing little by little and see ho
  9. I do the same and it works pretty good. I have been using Cure Natural Aqua Gel and it's much better. Skin is smooth after using it.
  10. Yeah, stick with the regimen and don't "pop your pimple"! or try not to... It won't do good. I have been on the regimen for about 4 months now... and I still have some random pimple here and there... and I like you said... it takes forever (many months) to go away and I have a few red marks on my cheeks.. been there for a while (well, since the last 4 months). Just have to wait! They will fade in time... But I prefer to improve them so exfoliating would be good. The AHA+ doesn't seems to he
  11. I have been doing this jojoba oil thing morning and night (just on dry spot and not rubbing too long/too hard).. plus using jojoba oil before bp and in the moisturizer too and it really works to keep my skin smooth and soft.. no more flakiness/dryness during the day. // I did it once a day before and my skin was still dry/flaky... whenever I speak/eat the skin around my mouth gets flaky, and we could also see some "wrinkles (dead skin)" near my nose/cheek - so... twice a day/everyday works for
  12. It happens to me too, (I have to clean the bottle after using it) but I guess that is how the bottle is made (?)
  13. EDIT#2: Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle exfoliator that works great!! Skin is definitely smooth.. much better than the AHA+. This product is my HG! Edit#1: No more flaky/dry skin since using less bp than before! + exfoliating with jojoba oil + putting a layer of jojoba oil before bp + few drops of jojoba oil in my moisturizer... (yep.. lots of jojoba..!) I was wondering the same thing... I have been on the regimen for about 2 months and a half now.. and still dealing with the flakiness.. I
  14. Benzoyl Peroxide? You can google it and find many info.. or on acne.org too.. http://www.acne.org/over-the-counter.php?v...enzoyl+Peroxide
  15. Same thing happened to me last summer. And I had to go to school with a horrible breakout that lasted until November/December... I didn't thought about re-using the acne.org regimen... but I am now back on the regimen (since December), and my skin is much better!... Hopefully in the next few months, it will be even better So keep it up!
  16. I used to take this product... (for a whole month and a half) and it was horrible. - I have to admit that I was attracted to their publicity...- At first I thought that it was working pretty well.. I had a healthy life/ate healthy food and so on, I just wanted to take some supplements to help improve my skin a little bit more and prevent my mild acne. After a month, my skin had these non-inflamed bumps all over my face, my mild acne went to moderate and I had breakouts on my forehead (where I n
  17. ^ I agree.. It stings a lot...!! I just want to "rip" my face off.. lol! Now I only spot treat. I have used the old AHA+ before and it didn't sting that much, I guess this updated version have some ingredients that does that... Anyway, glad that all is going well!!
  18. *almost..* my acne is mild-moderate... (more mild) still dealing with a breakout right now.. but my skin is better than before.. so it's good. keep it up!
  19. I usually put more moisturizer whenever my skin is dry and starting to "flake"... so it is fine.. (not using the jojoba oil, since it breaks me out sadly) ... not sure about the peeling/burning of the skin.. so I can't answer that... As for the AHA.. I am on week 5 of BP and I used it yesterday night and it stings a lot + red face lol.. I think I should have waited a bit before using the AHA.. (but the redness is decreasing now) however, it helped with the dryness a bit... but i'm going to stic
  20. I know! I have been dealing with the random breakout in the past few days...but its gone quickly with the BP..!
  21. I think your skin is looking good! Haven't seen the before pics, but the one that you posted looks great! (seems like your skin is improving quickly with The Regimen!) By the way, you said 16oz tube? or was it 8oz tube hehe. (I would love to have the 16oz tube haha) - I prefer the tubes over the bottle. =P
  22. your skin looks great! your red marks are less noticeable.. (or not even there anymore!) You only used the bp (acne.org regimen) and that's all?
  23. That's great ! Can't wait to use the AHA too.
  24. Improvements~! That's great! I am starting week 3 and I also experience flakiness now.. Like you said, during the morning it's fine than a few hours later... I see flakes... I put more moisturizer... =/ After a few weeks I will use the AHA.. (Hahah goldfinger~ )
  25. I had a two months facial (each week or every two weeks) when I was 16-17 for acne... and it was horrible. (My mom paid for me since she said I might need a facial for my skin) The place looked really professional, but the person who did my facial was not good at all.. my skin didn't improve at the end of the two months, it was worse. (I have a few scarring on my cheeks but not really noticeable now) She said that I should continue for a few more months to see better results but I said no. My mo