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  1. Hey all I was just wondering who here uses Johsons head to toe baby wash to cleanse their faces and is it any good? I am currently using clean and clear which I do like but I am looking for a more cost effective product and I have heard good things about this. Please help girls and guys xx
  2. I looovve lush! I think they are such lovely products I use the Candy Bar Bubble Bar (its soo nice for the bath and its so sweet) American Cream Conditioner, the chocolate face mask (i would definatley recommend this to you all) and the slice of rockstar soap!
  3. Well i personally love primer and i use DR feelgood from benefit, it really helps with my oily skins and makes my foundation look lush
  4. Hey hun, well i personally use baby oil all over my face to get rid of my makeup and eye makeup, then wipe off with cotton balls. Then i use the tea tree oil wash from the body shop to cleanse my skin, which seems to leave me spot free
  5. Omg i actually nearly started crying then hun, you sound like you have been through alot. I hope that everything gets better for you. xx
  6. I personally love baby wipes and cant recomend them enough, me and my best mate both use them and have never had a problem with them. you can get the sensitive ones which are fragrenced free and they are really good.
  7. I agree with everyone else, if your skin is clearing up from it then why not, if not then only do 2 washes a day. Personally I can only do one a day which is in the morning otherwise my face goes very red, its really strange and I have tried the mildest face washes ever! So i use baby wipes at night and a cleanser in the morning when i have a shower, and i have been clear now. To be honest what ever works for you. xx
  8. Yay this is a good post I like my hair (its thick and shiny), my eyes (big and bright green) which is a real contrast against my pale skin and dark hair, my boobs and my lips. I hate my nose tho!!!
  9. Hey thank you for your suggestions, sorry took so long to reply back i forgot my password doh! its still there so ill try that
  10. Worked the best Dove Sensitive Bar (soap) Dermalogica Anti Bac Wash Dianette!!!! Yasmin i find it works just aswell as dianette but without the side effects and as i mainly use it for contraceptive purposes i can stay on it unlike dianette Clean and Clear exfoliating daily wash Johnsons baby wipes and oil (to remove makeup) Bio Oil Worked Ok Vitamin E Oil Jojoba Oil Lush Salt Scub St Ives Scrub Rubbish!!!!! Fade away cream (crap!!) Clearasil Dermalogica Clay wash (worked for a while, the
  11. Well Im using Dove sensitive Bar (the soap) I find it really gentle and makes my skin kinda glow and it dries out my spots. I it. only my suggestion tho x