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  1. Pure + Simple. Not cheap but really good.
  2. You should probably just get a head start on the applications just in case or at least think about where you would like to work. Good luck and I hope it works out!
  3. It sounds like you know everything you need to know but just need to vent. That's okay once in awhile to just get it out. The question "why me?" could be applied to a lot worse things than acne though like why is it that someone loses a limb, loses a loved one, gets cancer, gets AIDS, is born in to poverty; it could be much worse. There is no answer to those questions because you weren't chosen, it's just a random combination of genes that have caused you to be afflicted with acne. Vent when you
  4. I think less people are getting married these days so even though stats will show a certain percentage of unmarried people it doesn't mean that they haven't found love. I think if I were single I would probably try out one of those sites like eharmony because it seems so much better than trying to connect with people at bars or relying on random encounters.
  5. I don't think she's saying "get straight A's and everything will be fine", she's saying focus on what's important. If I could go back to high school I would have focused more on getting better grades and paying more attention in class rather than putting my social life first and just wanting to have fun. Not only did I have acne gnawing at my confidence but I also had to deal with poor marks. Confidence can be drawn from many different life experiences and it's worth it to get good marks so that
  6. Try to think of the big picture. Think beyond your appearance and if people are looking at your acne, chances are they don't even think twice about it. You notice it because you scrutinize yourself. You are hyper-aware that you have acne and you probably spend a lot of time looking at your pimples in the mirror but when people look at you they look at all of you, not just at the zit on your forehead. I'm 26 and have dealt with acne since I was 12 so I know it can really suck but if I had let it
  7. Is this the only method you are using? Are you using any topical treatment? I have never had complete clearance solely by exfoliating so you might want to add a topical treatment like 2.5% BP to your routine.
  8. Alpha-Hydroxy Acid. You can find it in most drugstores. I would go with glycolic acid though, I have had more success with that in fading marks. There is also a line called DDF that you can get at Sephora that has a specific line for hyperpigmentation. I use the brightening cleanser and I love it. http://www.ddfskincare.com/c-17-hyperpigmentation.aspx Another line that is really good and can be found at most drugstores is Neo-Strata. They have an acne line that is mostly glycolic acid. I have
  9. Zinc is good for healing and a vitamin B complex is helpful to combat stress in hectic times. Make sure to have some Metamusil or some other fiber daily if you are going to be taking iron pills.
  10. As far as I know you shouldn't take a multi-vitamin because you would be taking in too much vitamin A, you might want to double check this with your sons derm. Too much vitamin A is pretty hard on your body and can affect the liver and spleen.
  11. From what I remember your skin still goes through some changes after you have stopped taking accutane so I wouldn't worry about it. Try not to touch your face and not think about it, you probably think it's worse than it is.
  12. You could try Dan's regimen, it seems to work for most people but it's important to stick to it (not use too many harsh things on your face) so you don't overdry your skin.
  13. Good to hear that your skin is looking better I don't think it really matters if you have to change brands, the only thing that changes is the inactive ingredients. Would love to see some pictures soon!
  14. I think you can probably do spot treatment but just be cautious to not over-dry your skin. See what your derm says. I hope your breakout passes quickly.