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  1. OMG......DOES ANYONE PAY ATTENTION TO ANYTHING??? lol.... DAIRY and meat in general...UNLESS ORGANIC HAS SOOOOOO MANY HORMONES. FOR EXAMPLE: A regular chicken takes like 2 months go grow fully until we can eat it....now they allow chickens to be pumped full of hormones so that they are ready to eat in 19 days!!!!!! how good is that for you?? it has been proven that in this generation, girls have been getting their periods earlier and as well, the average cup size has increased an entire cup
  2. Have you ever heard of spelt or kamut grain??? They make pasta out of it, it doesn't sit in your stomach and get converted to gluten and the grain isn't processed and refined like wheat and whole wheat. It's good for weight control as well, and it doesn't make you bloated.
  3. u have to chew the zinc pills? D: I have been swallowing it whole No no no!! lol you can buy these things called "zinc lozenges" and what they are, instaed of swallowing them, are pills that you can suck on. As well, you can allow the zinc tablet to disolve under your tongue..that way it gets absorbed easier and quicker, all homeopathic pills are like that, so give the dissolving a try
  4. there are corn tortillas with salba in them that are pretty good, and kettle chips as well that have nothing at all bad in them but potatoes, salt and vegetable oil. keep out of chips like lays and whatnot because they are badly fried with bad oils and preservatives. I don't eat chips very ofen but when i do i eat the good stuff, the health food store sells good chips.
  5. there are zinc tablets that you can by at the health food store that are you can suck on....you let them dissolve in your mouth and they are flavoured...they kinda get addicted like vitamin c chewables.
  6. nuts are actually very good for your skin, well not all nuts, but ALMONDS in particular because of their oil...it is essential to have at least a handfull everyday. Try to avoid the roasted nuts, beer nuts and cashews...although they are amazing, their oil is the least beneficial and the most high in calories. but almonds, hemp nuts, pumpkin seeds are very very VERY good for you...so eat as much as you want!!!!
  7. they have a good honey and salt masks...you have to keep it in the fridge b/c it has an expiry date of like 2 weeks b/c all of the ingredients are all natural. makes the skin feel really smooth
  8. Have you tried soaking in a tub of sea salt? Iv'e heard like a hundred people with acne ont their body that did this and now their 100% clear and can wear tanks and stuff! It's worth a shot cuz it's so cheap! No i haven't....for how long andhow much salt??? I'm sure it should be useful b/c many ppl see results from being in the ocean and stuff
  9. Nettle is probably one of the most effective herbs! it does wonders for your body. It is an anti-inflamatory and cleansing herb. it is rich in many nutrients such as calcium and iron. I drink it in tea form, and it does a good job
  10. tea tree oil is good too use, but not too often. It can be a little irritating after a while, and your skin may turn red. But it is a great antiseptic treatment and really good at killing bacteria. it may sting a bit, but that's because its doing its job lol. The brand i use is whatever i find at the health food store, but its ususally from Natures Harmony, and its called Treemenda 100%.
  11. i take probiotics every morning. they are crucial to your well-being. Everyone's body has good bacteria, that how we stay alive basically, and the probiotics add to that good bacteria and work together for a well-balanced system...and basically, i'm no scientist, but it helps alot with digestion and helps you digest and break down what you eat better and gather all the good stuff and remove that bad. When u do take the b acteria tho, make sure that you do not take them with hot beverages or
  12. NO: GLUTEN, SUGARS AND REFINED SUGARS, REFINED STARCHES, PASTURIZED DAIRY, COFFEE, SODA, YES: PROBIOTICS, RAW VEGETABLES/FRUITS, LOTS OF LOTS OF WATER AND LEMON JUICE. also, i have been making my own iced tea at home. what i do is i take like 10 different teas including stinging nettle, camomille, roibos, rosehip, bija detox tea and other cleansing teas, and i put them together to make one big tea....i've been doing this for about 2 weeks, and lemme tell you that drinking this stuff is l
  13. Yes its dark!!!! and usually girls are into dancing and having fun....and drunk that they wouldn't even notice!! haha but yeah, not a problem at all.
  14. i have been using apple cider vinegar as well for about 1 week, and i already see huge improvements....no new pimples and the red marks are significantly decreasing. I sometimes alternate, with tea tree oil or oregano oil...the smell is horrid and it stinks up the room though. After i have used the ACV and it dries, i put on a salycic acid lotion, because the ACV can make it a bit dry and red, and it really really helps! this is probably the best treatment so far.
  15. I can't wear tanks or bathing suits...and it absolutely sucks to go shopping, especially since the majority of beautiful tops are backless!!!! I hate it when u go shopping with friends and they're all like "try this top on!" but you can't!!! and they all realize that you never wera anything backless and then they ask haha :S ....I have a few that i can get away with wearing during the summer when it's not that bad, but i'm still too embarassed...can't even put my hair up and have to keep my hai