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  1. how do i know if food is the problem for me? Ive tried it for a week or so and not much changed, should i keep trying or go back to cleansers? or just not use anything but water? alos if i do my diet does it have to be very strict, does even a small amount of bad food ruin everything?
  2. cuz ive been avoiding junk food for awhiile and no results, could it be other things that i may think are healthy? wat is the main thing to avoid for the majority of ppl?
  3. wait why is coconut oil good for you, wouldnt it have alot of sugar? is it all healthy for u? ive just never heard of ppl using that before.
  4. is it ok? i just got a huge package of junk food as a gift and my acne hasnt even been clearing since i started this diet.------- the diet----------- i started about two weeks ago and at first i saw little, really little improvement but after that nothing has happened. i havent had meat or sugary stuff and when i do have to use oil i use olive oil instead vegetable oil, but my acne is the same as when i used to eat alot of junk food. so 1) wats wrong with my diet? please help! and 2) can i
  5. ok im confused. so is it ok if i have olive oil in my diet and just not corn oil and other vegetable oils? and also i just wanna know if since im starting a new diet should i completely stop using my cleanser, its not like a serious cleanser like proactiv but its targeted for acne
  6. wait, so vegetable oil and olive oil are different? i can use olive oil? oh and wat about corn oil, i see that alot on ingredients
  7. I recently found out that to get rid of my acne i have to get rid of vegetable oil in my diet. so ive been trying for a few days, but its so hard because vegetable oil is in everything. is there any substitute for vegetable oil? is olive oil vegetable oil? and do you think i just cant have too much vegetable oil or i have to completely get rid of it, cz i dont get how anyone can live like that.