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  1. That's a load of BS. If you are meant to go bald, you will go bald regardless. If you have nothing to say in relation to the post then don't fucking say anything at all idiot. Back to topic. I felt the same way you did man. I was totally a perfectionist just like you are and one pimple would keep me in for the weekend. I would shelter myself in my room for days without doing anything except trying to make my face look better. You just have to know your face is going to be clear soon and y
  2. Aveeno moisturizer will get rid of red marks.
  3. Good luck! It works wonders, you can eat anything on tane and you won't break out. Eat it with a fatty meal is good, but be careful when it comes time for blood tests. Accutane will make your triglycerides WILD on blood tests. I suggest eating very healthy 2 days prior to a blood test. Some derms will not give you another month if your blood tests come back pretty bad and will pull you right away, you don't want that. I wouldn't recommend moisturizer either if you do not need it. I didn't
  4. Definitely the accutane. My tiredness the first course was horrid. This course (2nd) is not as bad but still fatigue everyday. Goes away after your finished. Try to keep yourself busy and you won't get the fatigue feeling.
  5. Hate to say it bro....time for course #2. I had the same thing happen to me except 4 days after my first course my oily skin came back as well as breakouts. Oily skin should not return, it returns to normal levels. I started course #2 5 months later. I'm on my last month. Dosages went like this. 6 months=120MG 1 month=40mg Final Month=20mg (Which im in now) I have better expectations now on my 2nd course than I did on my first. Being on 20mg, I haven't noticed any increase in oil, or an
  6. Good reply above. Just keep your head up man.........Some people don't clear till late in a course. Just wait until the day you wake up and your acne is gone and how great your going to feel. Accutane is a miracle drug, you will be surprised how good your going to feel after everything is done. I've had six cousin on accutane cause it runs in the family, I've seen the after effects and how crazy different they've become with no acne....and it's a good different.
  7. I take 120mg a day. I weigh 165lbs. I barely have any side effects.
  8. Damn bro, I thought I was the only one with this problem. I would take a nosebleed everyday to substitute for the shit I'm going through right now. These dried up boogers are really annoying, and my nose feels so damn annoying I'm always paranoid walking around cause I think a booger is hanging. It's very painful and I haven't found anything really that helps. The only thing I noticed that helps is when you wake up in the morning....don't pick....take a crazy hot shower and when you get out
  9. How much do you weigh. A 40mg for 4 months doesn't sound like a normal treatment to me. However, I went through exactly what you are 4 months ago. Needless to say, 2nd treatment for me. I'm not doing a bullshit maintenance regimen. I'm done washing with the BS, im done applying the BS at night time.....I told my derm this and now I'm on a 2nd course.
  10. IB's are very rare. Usually IB's are common with people who had severe acne. I had severe acne on my back and boy did I get an IB for 3 months. Nothing on my face tho.
  11. Understood. However, like I've told others, realize that you are reading a messageboard filled with negativity and very little positives. You won't hear much from post accutane experiences because these people's faces cleared and most don't really care to respond back to a messageboard. I couldn't imagine what this forum would look like if all the positive people's experiences on accutane were to post here. I can honestly say you would have to really browse alot of pages to find a negative p
  12. Relax...why are you so paranoid? You shouldn't have to use anything on your face after accutane. If you do, then accutane obviously didn't work for you.
  13. 2nd course here......didn't have initial breakout in either one. In fact, my face cleared within the first 2 weeks and stayed clear the entire 1st course. Not everyone gets an IB.