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  1. I spent years trying to clear up my acne by using products. It wasn't until last year that I realized my skin was connected to my digestive system and regularity. Once I'm regular, my skin clears up. And by regular, I mean I go once everyday, or the occasional once every two days. It seems starting from childhood and up until now, I'd always been irregular. Heck, up until ninth grade, I didn't even know there was such a thing as "soft stool" other than diarrhea. This diet has kept my skin cl
  2. Couldn't you call your doctor and ask? I would do that just to be sure. But I personally don't think it could be any harm. A lot of yogurts contain millions of probiotics, and being that most of those yogurts don't even work for me--I'm sure that 20 million will probably actually do some good. I am not a doctor, though, and don't have IBS (although I do suffer from constipation all the freakin' time.) so I don't want to lead you the wrong way. If I were in your position though, my dad (who we
  3. Oh, yeah, definitely. In fact, right now. Both my cheeks. Whiteheads, a couple papules. Fun, fun, fun. Especially when they leave hyperpigmentation marks. Which is ALL THE TIME.
  4. My forehead was the first place acne hit! And it's coming back! And everywher else has acne, but definitely not as much as my forehead by far . D:
  5. Right now, the worst place is under right between my eye brows. I have FOUR zits RIGHT SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE running in a straight line! It looks like it's connecting my eye brows T__T There, and the nose, definitely. The problem with lip ones is they hurt REALLY bad...
  6. I wouldn't worry about it. Frankly, when you're fifteen, it's kind of like--who needs one? If you want one, I get it, but it's not like it's a necessity. I'm fifteen, I have acne, and I just didn't care whether I'd get a boyfriend or not. Voila, a few more months I'll be sixteen, and I've captured the heart of a guy whose considered pretty darned attractive But it's not like, I find the need to date. So just ... chillax, lay back and enjoy what you can get out of life now instead of worrying ab
  7. I would appreciate an editing of that first response. I would rate my #5 as the best thing you can do to be honest. You create so much stress, worry, and depression from worrying about acne. OLOLOLOL I have acne for at least 4 years. I just really started to care about it some months ago. And you know what? It is better now. Worrying abot acne is normal, as long as one doesn't go overboard. Also i don't wish you this, but if you had severe acne, i'd like to hear you say "5) Not worr
  8. I'm going to look my boyfriend in the eye for longer than five seconds--without covering half my face and all of my forehead underneath my bangs. In fact, if my skin stays the way it is now (which is close enough to clear), I just might do that tomorrow
  9. Your parents said that to you?! how awful!!!! And thanks It's just so nice to hear something positive after feeling so awful for a long time! Haha, I'm totally lax about it; It's a truth that my parents and I openly joke about. If other people tell me that, I feel horrible--but when my parents say it, it's just kind of like, Oh, really? Hahaha. But yeah, again, AWESOME! I wish a random person would come up to me and say that xD
  10. I wouldn't, actually. If you'd asked me this question a couple weeks ago, I would've answered yes. But there's no way I'd willingly skip a year of sharing my life with someone that isn't my friend or family xD Although it would be nice to fast forward through all this AP crap...
  11. That's awesome I'm happy for you. And I totally feel where you're coming from. My skin's been clearing up quite a bit lately (hopefully it'll stay that way!) and my mum actually looked at me in the sunlight and said, "Wow, your skin's pretty now." I almost died from happiness. My friends and other people always told me I'm pretty even with acne, but sometimes you can't help but think they're lying, y'know? But my parents always told me, "What the hell happened to your skin?" "You look like a p
  12. AHAHHAAHAHAHAHAH! *calms down. ANYWAYS, It usually works for people who get zits once every, oh, let's say two months? I tried it once and I got a gigantor ... scab-like thing on my face. It left me with a mark 10x darker than any hyperpigmentation I'd ever had in my life, including the zits that I picked at constantly! So I wouldn't recommend it.
  13. I have actually given up for a while now... I'm merely using a normal face wash and a warming cleanser almost every night and my skin has actually been clearing up quite a bit.
  14. I hate hormonal acne. It's such a pain. Every time I clear up, BAM comes my period and it's like, NOOOOOOOOOOO! I get a good fifteen or more zits all over my face T_T But it seems that I've found a temporary ... not quite "cure" but I don't know what else to call it. See, my hormones are all over the place and out of whack, so sometimes I get my period twice a month, or I get it ten days earlier or etc. etc. My dad has some Chinese herbs that he makes me drink once every month to regulate my
  15. I totally get what you're feeling right now. My sister used to come see me and try forever to convince me to go out with her and meet some guys and just have some fun--relax! But I'd never go with her unless my skin was clear from the majority of my acne. Now I'm dating a guy I never thought I'd be with, because everyone's always telling me, "Oh, your best friend's such a cutie." and "Omg, he's hot!" The girls that he has dated in the past are all gorgeous. Smooth skinned and perfectly shaped.