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  1. I had my first facial yesterday, and the facialist did extractions. As I had cucumber slices over my eyes I couldn't see what she was doing, and as she didn't speak English very well I couldn't ask her. So what exactly did she do? Did she use her fingers or a tool? Was she just essentially squeezing gunk out of my pores? My face didn't look any different after, but it felt much cleaner
  2. So what's the verdict? Dan, are you going to sell your salicylic acid in *alpha* mode now, or shut down production? Should I buy 200 bottles now if I want access to them in the future!?! If you decide not to continue, could you recommend a brand? Thanks!
  3. Exact same thing for me - my skin loves Dan's BP, but freaks out when I use his moisturizer. Using a lot less is ok, so I do that sometimes, but mostly I just use Cetaphil now.
  4. You should definitely be honest with her. Maybe she's never heard of this site, and now she'll take a look at it, and even learn some new things. I think a good dermatologist would always want to know when something works for their patient.
  5. I tried to add the "Are you male or female?" question - but I guess you're only allowed to post 3 poll questions. Sorry guys! Good thinking, though.
  6. I've only been on The Regimen for about a week, and have noticed that I went from constant picking to no touching at all. I was surprised at how optimistic I was - I assumed I wasn't touching because I thought this new regimen actually might work(!) and I was leaving it alone to do its thing. But then I realized that the real reason I wasn't touching my face was that I didn't want to get BP on my fingers and bleach my clothes. But hey, whatever works, right?
  7. I was thinking about this, and I wanted to know what you all thought. Is it "easier" on a guy to have acne, or a girl? Does society judge one harsher than the other? (Here's my two cents on it: I think that society expects girls to be pretty, and accepts more imperfections in guys. BUT, girls definitely have an advantage in that they can wear makeup to cover. Unless some guys wear concealer. I'll make that a poll question, too.)
  8. Good responses, all! I actually just thought of my own fabulous plan. Well, less of a plan, really, and more of me just realizing that I'm going out to visit him next week for a few days, and all my Acne.org products will be in the bathroom... so he's bound to notice, and can start exploring this wonderful community on his own! Thanks again for your thoughts, everyone!
  9. I find Dan's stuff gentler than pretty much anything else. It doesn't dry me. But you might be different.
  10. Definitely try it someplace other than your face first! Like the inside of your forearm. Wait 24 hours to see if you have a reaction.
  11. Hi Guys - So here's my situation: I have a 14-year-old male cousin who has had acne for about 6 months. I'm 25-years-old and have had acne forever, have tried everything, just discovered Dan's Regimen. Should I talk to him about his acne and make recommendations? If it's not something that bothers him, I don't want to bring it up, and have it be like "this should bother you." I have 2 younger brothers, and they had acne when we were all in our teens, and they knew it was on my mind for my
  12. Interesting. I don't know about mixing. But way before I even knew about the Regimen I definitely used Neosporin + Pain Relief for cysts and for - I don't think there's an acne term for this - messes. Whatever category of acne that you pick and rub and it just turns into an awful mess on your face. Neosporin + Pain Relief helped a lot for those.
  13. Hi - I've been on the Regimen for just a week, and Dan's moisturizer is still a little too light for me. Jojoba oil helps a lot with the flakiness, but for redness I'd suggest Cetaphil (just the regular old moisturizer). It just feels so... moisturizing
  14. I'm not an expert by any means - I just started the Regimen myself - but from what I've been reading it seems that you've been doing it long enough that you can start making small adjustments to experiment (especially since you're all clear - congrats!). But remember, the Regimen doesn't cure acne - nothing does (except perhaps Accutane). The Regimen, or any "regimen" that works, merely keeps acne at bay For how long will you be in Spain? Maybe this is a good chance to make a slight change
  15. Thanks Brandy! So, in other words, use common sense :)