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  1. Any news? How did your consultation go?
  2. I have taken collagen and MSM supplements after subcision but don`t know if it helped. Instead of a handheld vacuum I used cupping sets which I bought from eBay.
  3. Did anyone of you have a treatment with the Fraxel Repair SST yet? Any thoughts on that device? @collegeboy: Thank you for sharing your photos with us!
  4. Thank you for your quick reply, Matt! Do you plan to do more subcisions or would you rather go for other treatments? I am asking because my doctors doubted that I would see improvement from this and my last subcision. However, I had additional improvement because of suctioning. Hi Alex, Scar treatment in Europe really sucks (I am from Europe too). I had my subcisions done in the US when I have been there for vacation. If you can go the US, I would do this first. I would not recomm
  5. Hi Matt, I had my 7th subcision six weeks ago and I used the suction method right from the start. I already used suction for my previous subcision and it really helped the improvement. However, I feel a couple of "lumps" under the skin where the skin was treated. I do not know if they result from the more aggressive treatment by the doctor who performed a "fanning" technique which is different than the techniques he did for my previous subcisions. These lumps have improved over the l
  6. The majority of doctors in the US I have asked did not know about Recell yet. I hope the clinical trials will finish soon and Recell becomes available in the US.
  7. What bad things did you hear about Dr. Rapaport?
  8. waitingforacure, are you getting subcision and laviv the same day or do you need each treatment on separate days? what is the minimum time frame between the treatments in your experience? thank you?
  9. Hi Pumpkin, I bought my dermastamp from Owndoc http://shop.owndoc.com/p-180/dermastamp15.html There is also a link to the instructions PDF.
  10. Alex, none of these doctors mention subcision as a treatment for acne scars. However, as I consider this the option for rolling scars I would definitively ask them if they offer subcision and how much experience they have with it. Please let us know what they answer. Regarding lasers, some doctors in the US treat ethnic skin with the Fraxel Restore and claim to do this without any complications. I would go for subcision first (least risk, best results) and then later check the Fraxel Rest
  11. Rupert, it seems that you have very good knowledge of Isolagen and subcision. I already had a five subcisions by the way and I am happy with the results. Do you believe it is possible to have subcision and Isolagen / Laviv injected the same day? Do you know, for how long the fibroblasts can be stored (in case one needs more time between treatments)?
  12. Rupert, I misspelled LaViv, you find more information in this website: http://mylaviv.com/ and here: http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/CellularGeneTherapyProducts/ApprovedProducts/ucm260485.htm In particular I found this presentation interesting: http://extras.newswire.ca//canaccordgenuity/20111206/fibrocell_.pdf (picture gallery at the end). They do not state the price for the treatment, but it looks to be around US $ 5,000 (for 3 treatments).
  13. Isolagen has been "revived" under the brand name LaVive in the US. Since I had good results from subcision I was thinking to add LaVive to my treatments. But considering the low improvement you experienced, I am not sure if LaVive is a good option.
  14. Rupert, I believe you mentioned some time ago that you had Isolagen treatments. Could you please tell us a little bit about your success with it? Thank you!
  15. That is bad news. By 10% improvement do you mean the long term improvement from Isolagen or did the improvement never exceed 10% (even at the beginning). Do you believe the low improvement percentage has to do with the way the doctor treated the scars or with Isolagen itself?
  16. How would you rate the improvement from Isolagen? Would you do it again?
  17. I would prefer Fraxel over Dermabrasio for smaller scars.
  18. Matt, how long did you wait after each subcision treatment before derma rolling? Thank you!
  19. Subcision should definitively help your deeper scars!
  20. I have used silicon sheets a couple of years ago in combination with scar gels. I believe the structure of the scars (top layer) improved somewhat. But, I have seen better improvement from Fraxel, dermarolling and subcision. It could be a good idea to combine the silicone sheets with subcision (putting them on the subcised areas to improve healing) (?) Any thoughts on that?
  21. I did bruise very badly after my first subcision (it lastet more than a week). but with every subsequent subcision the recovery time shortened significantly (almost no visible bruising two days after subcision). I recommend taking Bromelaine before and the days after the subcision to reduce bruising. Did you take Aspirin before the subcision?
  22. Faizalj, do you know if PRP / StemCells is equivalent to Isolagen? It sounds very similar to me.
  23. According to a presentation I found from Fibrocell $2,000 for the whole treatment. Bound down scars are a good candidate for subcision and filler (later when they have been subcised and are no longer bound down).
  24. Naturalgirl, I am sure you will see great results from the subcision. Dr. R. is a very experienced and good doctor. When he mentioned LaViv, did he tell you when he will be able to offer LaViv?