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  1. OKay so ive been on accutane to four months. Originally i was supposed to be on for 5, but i think my doc screwed up and he said im done in 15 days...ive been clear for a while BUT just this past week ive gooten like 5 or 6 new zits and i feel like because of this i should be on for another month? but i didnt tell my doctor that. so im thinking about calling my doctor and asking if i really shoukld be on for five months???? any advice?? thanks! peace,love, live2sing
  2. ACNE UPDATE: my face is doing pretty good...got a white head yesterday ughhhh thought i was done breaking out, but obviously im not. my eyes hurt right now My wrist hurts soooooo badd! lips are dry yeah thats about it hope everyone else is doing good! :)
  3. wow your face looks realllllly good!!! how long after you started did it take for your face to look like this?! i cant wiat to get results like yours!
  4. i think that the chances of anything really severe happening to you are really slim ive had relatives and friends who have been on accutane and now their face is clear and they have no permanent effects at all. And right now Im on it and the only problems are the dryness and some soarness. Im not trying to tell you to take it, its all up to you, your family, and doctor, but id say if you really want to try to get rid of acne and if you self consious about it then its something that maybe youd wa
  5. Day 65 wow already onto month 3. ive been so busy i havent really noticed how fast time has gone. anyway, so im on month three still at 80 mg. face is doing ightt had a white head on friday but it went away thank goodness. and i have a zit on my cheek thats been there for a while but other than thats its all just pigmentation from previous zits. lips are dry dry dry face is dry back pain stinkss the red bumps on my arn went away! my derm gave me a cream! thankfully! umh ive been really stressed
  6. yeah i did, my doctor said its because of tane..and gave me stuff so i guess we'll see? and my dog doesnt really bite, its more like jsut mibbling on your arm, hes never broken skin before. and hes just a puppy, we just got him, so hes still being trained
  7. So right when i started taking accutane i got a dog. Then all of a sudden i started getting red burning bumps on my arm..it spread and then covered both my arms completely.It felt like thousand of lil pins where in my arms. Im not sure if its from the accutane or maybe its from my dog. Because everytime my dog bit me this happened to my arms. SO maybe im allergic to my dog...? i hope it is my dog over the accutane. anybody have anything similar?? thanks xoxo, live2sing
  8. Day 58 hey everyone how are you?! so my face is umh okay? not clear though. i think im allergic to my dog kinda so thats why i get rashes on my arm and everytime he licks my face i break out there..so yeah thats not to helpful when it comes to my acne or my arms. haha umh lips are dry. face is dry..like it hurts but it doenst look that dry but it feels really dry. sore whenever i do things . nothing out of the ordinary. thats it hope all is well xoxo,live2sing
  9. hi all how are you?!hope lifes been treatin' you good. day 53 gah...i was doing well for a week feeling so good about my skin..wearing my bangs pulled back with a head band! ah then today i have like this zit forming on my cheek and it will probably either become a whitehead in a few days or a hurty one hahah (sorry i dont no the technical terms). also i have a couple white heads. i mean yeah i guess my face isnt bad but the pigmentation from previous zits make my face look worse than it is ug
  10. ew so i got my first nose bleed today in lke 7 years... hahah
  11. SO maybe week 6 plus a few days... haha or day 46... pinknpreppy216: school crazy, but pretty good. tonsss of work though but its soo hott in my school which sucks haha how about you?! Skin: doing alright a few zits and the rest are drying up. cant wait till im really clear though. my face really isnt that dry..its kind of wierd. i was expecting crazy dryness and it hasnt been all that bad. but my derm wants my face dry so i hope that it not being dry isnt a bad thing? lips:dry dry back: re
  12. awh i hope you keep seeing results!!! and have a good first day back at school!! are u gunnabe a junior?? good luck with everything peace;love;happiness live2sing
  13. ooh im not taking it for acne... i have like severe cramps and long periods that come all the time soo..yeah i just want the crampz gone cuz when i get them i can barely move so hahaha yeahh okay ill wait another month i guess but its just wierd cuz i just had my period 12 days ago...then im gunna get it in another 12...its just not that fun haha
  14. okay, so i started taking bcp back on august 22...i had my period then and my gyn tol me to take it the thursday i have it so i did. and so ive been taking the pill loestrin24 Fe, everything was good taking the white ones and never missed anydays so altogheter ive taken 12 of the white ones. I sill have 12 more before the reminder pills. what i dont get is why i have my period right now with full on cramps and everything!?! i took bcp to get rid of the painful cramps and long annoying peridos
  15. yeah i hate the back pain! its the only thing other than dry lips i cantt stand! thanks you joyful girl! i cant wait for the 5 months to be up and i hope that accutane wroks for you too good luck!! hey pinknpreppy: 80mg is okay lots more back pain for sure. I mostly got bumped because i wasnt getting dry at all but now im getting drier so i guess its finally working haha. And i start sophmore year tomorrow!! oh gosh hahaha SO just wanted to do an update dont really no its during week 5 haha