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  1. it means that he didn't expect to get your phone number if he asked for it out of the blue. if a stranger asks for your phone number at work, it might come across as creepy, or it might put you under so much sudden pressure that you would say no, even if you liked the guy. the next best thing is for the guy to give you his number, so you can think about it on your own time. this guy is just being smooth. nuffin wrong wit dat.
  2. If you want to get into that kind of stuff, let's talk about cycles. There's more than just the mind changing the body. It goes back and forth, over and over. Reality affects the mind, the mind affects reality, back and forth, over and over. Effects become causes, causes become effects. On top of that, you have all these elements: the mind, the ideas, the cells, the zits, the doctors, the medicines, the posters in the holistic forum... each affects one another, back and forth, thousands of t
  3. google turns up a bunch of articles about healthy diets. here's a good one to introduce you to the basic ideas: http://www.helpguide.org/life/healthy_eating_diet.htm look through it and you'll see that a healthy diet is made of a variety of foods chosen to provide all the nutrients you need. does diet affect acne? my opinion is that diet affects acne indirectly. other factors have a much bigger effect: your hygiene habits, your medication, and whether you irritate your face affect your skin c
  4. i had a roommate who was always doing these detox diets and cleanses and stuff, and her health has gotten worse. the last time i saw her, her hair was turning gray and falling out, and her teeth were so brittle they broke on a plastic fork. she's only 25. once she did the lemonade detox thing, where you only consume unsweetened lemonade for a few days. i watched her get in her car, shaking from low blood sugar, and drive off. she crashed her car on the freeway. (she was ok, aside from the star
  5. btw... do you really eat 2 lbs of yogurt a day? do you eat a bunch of the little cups, or do you get a big tub? do you eat unflavored, unsweetened yogurt, or what? the reason i'm so curious is that i really like yogurt, and i'd eat more of it if it's healthy to do so. i assume it's not so healthy to eat the flavored, sweetened kind in large quantities.
  6. Regular milk doesn't make you "nauseous", it makes you nauseated. Look up the words in a dictionary to find out what the difference is. Well...on the other hand, maybe all that gas really DOES make you nauseous to other people! . the thing about this comment is that it's negative. it adds nothing constructive to the conversation. also, my other posts have better grammatical errors to correct. and looking this up in a dictionary, i used the word accurately, fyi, but let's not arg
  7. you guys are trying to reduce both obesity and acne to a simple cause: personal choice, genes, metabolism, etc... in real life, people are shaped by many forces at once. a person's genetics and childhood diet and upbringing get them started on the path to obesity, and their weight is further compounded by misinformation, social pressures, emotional issues, advertising, health, family, career, and other factors. a person living with obesity is in a position where everything is stacked towards
  8. of all the helpful things dermatologists do, i've come to believe that cortisone shots (the ones injected straight into pimples) are not particularly useful. i think they mainly serve to pacify impatient patients. it's to make you feel like the doctor has done something during your office visit. the reality is that whatever long-term treatment your doctor puts you on, whether its topical or oral or both, that's the thing that will do the most to resolve your acne. these treatments are slow and
  9. it looks like the bump is made primarily from inflamed tissue, caused by the picking and squeezing. it's likely that there's nothing else inside of it. the dark coloration is blood, and it's possible that there's hyperpigmentation also. if you leave this alone for several months, the bump will probably fade away, leaving a pigmented spot like a freckle or a mole. it's also possible that it has formed scar tissue inside from the picking and squeezing, and so there might always be a little bump.
  10. that idea is completely bogus. it's based on a conception of the human body as a simple machine. it's like the idea that eating less cholesterol will lower your cholesterol, an idea which turned out to be wrong and sometimes backwards. the reality is that the oil in your food is not the fat in your body or the oil in your skin. the processes within the body change the foods you eat to fit the body's needs, usually through pathways that actually break down the materials chemically before they eve
  11. my best friend from high school used to be morbidly obese. when he got kicked off a roller coaster because the bar couldn't close over him, he decided to change his life. it was very difficult, took many years, required a complete change in his eating and exercise habits, and still requires constant work every day to maintain. but the result was so dramatic that when i went to visit him in college after he lost most of his weight, i walked right by him in the train station because i didn't recog
  12. are you suffering from acne, or just oily skin? if you have acne, i wouldn't try to deal with the oil right now. i've been using a topical treatment for 2 months now and my skin is still as oily as it ever was, but i don't care because i'm not breaking out anymore, and i don't want to irritate my skin and risk new breakouts just to deal with the oil. if you don't have acne, then it's safe to try some of these remedies, but discontinue them if you start breaking out. if nothing works, then
  13. bobby digital is right: when you're relaxed and having fun and not worrying about your face, you break out less or not at all. when you're at work, you break out from stress and possibly bad habits. the fact that you work at a cookie shop suggests that your connection between sweets and acne is primarily a connection between work and acne.
  14. i've noticed a difference between regular milk and organic milk. regular milk makes me nauseous and gives me terrible, horrendous, profound gas. organic milk is not so bad.
  15. going camping and not showering can aggravate acne on its own, but using baby wipes on top of that will cause a lot more irritation, which explains why you broke out so badly. i was in a similar situation, afraid to go camping for years because i was basically addicted to washing my face twice a day. i recently went to a dermatologist and started a treatment that involves topical medications. i was advised to stop washing my face if it became irritated, and the result is that i'm finally free