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  1. hi, i was on minocycline for a month a few months back, and i think it caused me to develop a brown spot in my eye.. i've read around and it's supposedly permanent.. i was wondering if anyone else has this problem? here's a pic of it: http://i34.tinypic.com/23r0i1h.jpg
  2. i've been using taz for about 2~3 months, i can't remember exactly, but i think it stopped working, is there another effective topical for my acne scars that i can ask from my dermotologist?
  3. don't forget taking mino may also cause PERMANENT blue pigmentation on your body
  4. i'm on the tablet 150mg and i cant seem to swallow it.. i was wondering if i can cut it in half? it looks like this
  5. i would die to have skin like hers in the first pic, the one where she has pimples in. ughh. and she's a makeup expert so..
  6. i actually took minocycline 100mg 2x daily for 3 weeks +. (i wasted a few days' worth of pills from learning how to swallow it) and i was supposed to see my derm yesterday, but i overslept. so my new appointment is on the 15th. my acne definitely improved. not physically tho, i just stopped getting new pimples. however, i read in many places that minocycline can cause permanent blue pigmentation on your body.. and even tho i have only 2 pills left (i started off with 60), i don't wanna risk it.
  7. hi, today i'm going to go back to the derm to checkup on my skin. he perscribed me 100mg minocycline 2x daily, tazorac, and clindamycin phosphate. i was wondering if i can ask for another antibiotic, as minocycline is very hard to manage, especially now that school has started. what other antibiotics are there that are just as or more effective as minocycline? thanks!
  8. i'm using a SA scrub and a BP face wash.. they're not topicals?
  9. hi, i'm on minocycline 100mg 2x daily, clindamycin phosphate 1%, and tazorac. is it okay to wash my face with a 2% SA scrub & 10%BP wash before i apply the topicals?
  10. bump. i really want the statistics before trying out this regimen.
  11. wow i'm so tempted to use this regimen with all this positive feedback. i actually already have the c&c purple cleanser. i think i'm going to ditch my current regimen and try this instead.
  12. okay, so last month, i was on proactiv. but after 4 weeks of no improvement at all, i decided to only use it sometimes, and switched to another 3 step acne system. after that stopped working, i decided to start using products that doesn't target acne, but instead those that soften my skin, thinking that i only irritated my current acne by using products that targeted them. so yesterday, i got the neutrogena wave, tempted by the numerous positive reviews that it has received. it didn't foam as m