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  1. Safe for acne skin..

    Good for acne prone skin. Won't break you out. Most Estée Lauder foundation is safe for acne prone skin and provides good coverage. This makeup is great for the summer when you need the same longwear but not as heavy. Decent color matches as well.
  2. Hi marinera83! Yes I am happy with my Pixel CO2 treatments. I am glad you are too! I do plan on getting Matrix RF next month though because I won't be able to take a week off from work like I have been doing, do to taking another position at work ( MORE MONEY! LOL). With the Matrix RF, they can treat under the eyes because it is not a laser but radio frequency waves. If you are like me, you have probably caused premature wrinkles due to drying you skin out so much, because of the oilyness. I ne
  3. 2nd Treatment Day 7 (Feb. 14th, 2010)-Happy Valentine's Day!! My face has completely peeled. It looks great! I want another treatment!! I am going to get Matrix RF next because I won't have the downtime again until after summer, and I won't get a CO2 fractional laser treatment in the summer due to the chance of hyper-pigmentation problems. But it looks good and was well worth the $800.00 for the two treatments. I am not flawless, but my little scars are gone. My dents on the side are gone. Ju
  4. Not true, my skin looks like that after two pixel treatment. My wider (saucer type) scars are still visible, but my scars like the guy in the second pic are gone, my skin looks like his. It depends on your skin and the laser.
  5. goodness. Your scars weren't that bad to begin with, but I hope this works for you! It looks pretty intense.
  6. 2nd Treatment Day 6 (Feb. 13th, 2010)- My face is almost completely peeled. Unlike my first treatment where it took a good 10 days. I think the doctor was less aggressive this time. I got such good results from the 1st treatment, He probably figured if he did it the same way, I wouldn't need anymore treatments, thus I wouldn't have to give him anymore money. I can't help feeling like these MD's know how to clear our skin up completely, but if they did, they would loose us as patients and there g
  7. 2nd Treatment Day 3 (Feb. 10th, 2010)- scabbing and drier without biofine, biofine is breaking me out, so I am going to switch to my regular sheer transformation cream by ole henrickson. Scabbies are peeling a bit on my chin.
  8. I have no Idea, if you read through my post, I clearly state my doctor is not the approachable type. But I like the price for my treatments, so I am overlooking that. He did say eMatrix aka Matrix RF goes much deeper than the CO2 laser, however, Matrix RF goes deeper than fraxel and Deep FX, so that's not really saying much.
  9. 2nd Treatment Day 2 (Feb. 9th, 2010)-Not healed, red with reddish bruised scabbing. Still tender. Still red and purple. No pain. A little itchy.
  10. On the sides of my face. Yes. It is. And the clarity has improved. My temples have improved a lot, but not 100%, maybe I would say...50%, which is still a huge improvement for me. But what still irks me is my cheeks in the front of my face right under my eyes, I have icepick scars, not dents. Maybe a saucer or two, but yeah all that stuff is still there. But that scarring is deeper. Even though my doctor says it's not. It is better on one side, but still visible.
  11. But to add, the are where my icepick scars are the worse is the area he keeps missing with the laser wand. He got more of it this time than last. So , I might have seen more improvement if he had treated that area.
  12. Yes, they were indented, and some worse than others. The only scars which I have not seen any improvement in are my icepick scars. Even though my doctor says they are shallow. MY temples were horrible. And yes I have seen a big improvement in the dents on my temples, which were pretty bad, that is why my doctor treated that area with Sculptra before he gave my my first CO2 treatment. I have taken hundreds of pics of my face. So i do side by side comparisons. The scars on the sides of my face ar
  13. Did you ever get another treatment???? I just got my second one today...
  14. It might be permanent. I had permanent darkening from a Levulan treatment because they did not warn me to stay out of the sun for at least two weeks. My advice, Stay out of the sun, use suncreen and a bleacher. I got pixel co2 treatment and it has helped lighten the darkening from a couple of years ago.
  15. 2nd Treatment Day 1 (Feb. 8th, 2010)- treatment went well. Now, I am just red. No pain, but I think the numbing cream is wearing off. Again, my doctor wants to do ematrix on me. He said that it goes much deeper than the CO2 fractional laser, and is safer. I said, if I am seeimg good results with the CO2 laser, why switch, he repeated the same thing again, deeper and safer with the same if not better results. I am still not sold on this whole Radio Frequency treatment. I feel like it is Voodoo sc