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    Oct 2008

    From the album: Me

    17, before I started treatment. All time low.
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    Treatment with Retin-A .025%, then .1%
  3. No it wasn't foliculitis. I tried treating it with nizoral and it did nothing. I asked my derm about it and she said the bumps on my forehead weren't consistent with fungus. Trust your dermatologist and be patient.
  4. Not noticeably. I think the facewash made some breakouts appear a little more clearly at first, but the retin-A I used a lot of spot treatment (well around my face, I used it all over my forehead).
  5. Bump! I'm pretty much clear. I still get very few pimples here and there (mostly shaving bumps), but that's not important. Towards December/November I started breaking out a bit again. I went to a new dermatologist because my old one was ridiculous in terms of waiting and taking about 5 minutes to examine me. The new dermatologist prescribed me with stronger retin-a and a facewash/lotion. It worked wonders and now I just manage my very mild breakouts. You may notice I'm a bit red around m
  6. Quick Update: I went off the Fish oil. For whatever reason, I broke out for the first time in a month after 3 days on it. I stopped using it the day after my post, and all of my big zits cleared up. I'm sticking with my current dermatologist prescribed treatment and that only. Along with eating healthier ( a little ) and drinking lots of water.
  7. Alright, here's my current regimen if anyone is interested. MORNING: Shower, splash water onto face (not let the water hit directly from the shower) Pat face dry, then put on the Clindamycin Phosphate Take 3 1200 mg fish oil pills (I try to eat, but usually I have to wait till I get to school) Night: Rinse face (ONLY IF VERY GREASY) Put on the Retin-A Take 3 fishoil I try to drink about 6-8 bottles of water every day (refill them, of course) Not only is my face skin smoother, alot of dry spot
  8. I have .025% Rx subscription. I put it on once at night and then use the facewash pads in the morning. In the morning I use the pads AFTER I shower because I tried it before, and the pad just absorbs all the grease then the medication rinses off anyway. The pads are Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Solution, USP Pledget For the first couple of weeks, I did 2 fishoil in the morning and 2 at night. I had all of my big pimples on my forehead and on the sides of my head really bad next to my
  9. I didn't plan going off the Retin-A. I just wanted something to go along with the retin-a to help speed up the healing and make my skin look better overall. This is how my skin has looked for about 2 or 3 weeks now. Its now clearing up very very slowly.
  10. I would continue with the Retin-A. At least with the big pimples. I had similar bumps and they were able to go away. They are still red for a while, but the inflammation is gone.
  11. UPDATE!!!!! Now on November 6th, I went to my dermatologist and he subscribed me with some Retin-A cream with a pad facewash. I don't know how well the facewash works, but the Retin-A made me 90% clear of pimples. Whats left on my face is healing and inflamed acne. Right Side (Worse) Left Side (clear ) Face Foreheaed Right now my question is: What are the best supplements to finish clearing my skin? I don't want to stray from Retin-A and put anything else on my skin. I haven't ha
  12. I'm kinda on the borderline of various different methods. I was going to go out yesterday and try some, but I didn't get home from work until 11. Right now I'm going to try a mild cleanser (probably cetaphil or something), baby brush method and a moisturizer (any suggestions would be appreciated).
  13. I'm not sure if my face is like that. Here is my current condition. I recently broke out pretty bad on my forehead (white head the size of a pebble) that I popped so it is partially red.
  14. I've had mild mild mild acne since the start of high school, around when I was 14. It was never really bad. It started getting worse and worse. My acne is centralized around my forehead, going from the spots next to my eyes all around my eyebrows and up to my hairline. I get constant acne around my mouth and nose, small bumps here and there that are not a big concern to me. I have some redspots and little little bumps around my sideburns but they are also not a big concern to me. What real