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  1. I actually started taking ZINC 3 days ago 100mg a day is that good enough? How long will it take to see some results? I feel like one side of my face is slowly going down in color and acne. hmmm
  2. For the last two years I have been fighting with ACNE and the scars that are left behind Few times I have hit the wall and went on a rage. BUt since its summer I want to finally get some clear skin My problem area is on my cheecks and I HATE it because its the MOST noticable part. I dont break out on my chest or back which is good but my face is a war zone I really want to be able to go out with no worries instead of plastering make up on my face everywhere i go so that I feel some waht bette
  3. I started drinking ACV a week ago, but like one side of my cheek is HEALING (: very minimal pimples, but the other damn side is breaking out idkk maybe i should apply it as a toner and just keep drinking more. i recently like yesterday pumped up to 2 tablespoons with 8 oz water and honey. did you guys get initial breakouts when you guys started acv?
  4. I just recently started ACV and Vitamin C and I take two vitamin pills a day and drink ACV tiwce a day idk why but im started to break out in those little pimples. and there like kind of itchy I started on saturday. and my skin is not doing good I feel like the redness has subsided but the pimples have not WHAT IS BREAKING ME OUT I really want this to work
  5. I have winter formal coming up and i've been getting little small tiny bumps over my faces. initially its gotten better, but im scared since finals are coming up in 2 and a half weeks i want something that will not break me out. so im thinking baout dirnking ACV and i need ur help ><; which brand should i get? how do i drink it? can someone tell me the benefits? and how fast are results? and also does it help with acne scars?
  6. . hang in there. those might take awhile hun (: this takse patient. did 6 and STILL scars are there. haha just less noticable u know? if u type in GLYCOLIC PEEL REVIEW on this site, they have amazing reviews. u REALLY dont notice BIG differenceee until the 2-4th peel. butt keep updated!
  7. ^ I wasn't able to find any pics in ur profileee but tht brand should be good(:
  8. ^ ^ im not sure how its applied...causeee my esthician applies it so u should check it out... im not sure what a jessner peel is so why dont u go loko it up to se eee (:!
  9. ^ BEFORE i started peel I used FACTOR A plus from JAnMarini that has retinods in it, but during peels its NOT suggested to use retinods so maybe after im done ill go back to it !!! hahahah WELLLLLLLLLLLLL NEWW PICS. AHH i dont know im sitll thinking GLYCOLIC PEEL>> DIDN"T DO EVERYTHIGN TO CLEAR THINGS UP.
  10. yhha ur welcome! i used 40% glyolic acid and im pretty sure 35% would be good to start off with (: update tommorw!
  11. TO DUCHAMP: thank you!! I too around 3 weeks? Cause you can only do ONE peel a week. Basically right after the peeel your skin would feel kind of stingyy the first time, but for me my skin was VERY tolerable so it wasn't so bad (depends really on ur skin) It can be red to slighty red. ( depends on the PERCENT of Gly. Peel. substance you use.) Over the course of the next couple days ur skin will start to improve. SOME people start to get little flaky. for me people i wasn't so flaky. Only the f
  12. Well I go to an esthician and they put 40% (: Well i took another picture today and It looks really goodd(: but i have tiny dents that look horrible in the sun :[[ but not that noticablee Honestly i use to break out once a week and get nasty pimples, but i used BP 5% from Jan Marini and BOY those things sure kill pimples away. After the peels i barely got any pimples afterwards, except one or two which is normal cause the peel gets the shit off ur face (: HAHA. but yeah ill upload another pictu
  13. So I got my first feel on July 18 and my second one on July 31st and I just one done 2 days ago on Aug 6So i basically had 3 peels (: 3 more to go. Alot of my scars before were really red and STILL noticable with makeup on. I HATED going out. and i STILL kind of do, but im getting thereee GOAL: WEAR NO MAKEUP! but through the 3 peeels done so far. i notcied a great deal of improvement. Might not seem like in the picture, but i have recieved compliments saying it looked loads better then in the
  14. I just my first peel (: YAY for me. hahah Would I be able to tell some kind of difference? my skin was pink for a bit and it went down and now it just looks like how i alaywas looks like. How many treatments would i really need? Im getting my second one on july 30th(: school starts on the last wek of august and i want my skin clear enough so that i wont have to wear ANY makeup (: plz nd thanks!