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  1. I just took it everyday for a disease I've been battling for 5 days and my acne looks pretty good. Not sure of the dosage though. Good luck.
  2. Good luck man. Are you doing anything about the oily face? Mine is real oily and red but my acne is almost gone.
  3. Dude, your body is NOT going to be okay if you cut out staples like wheat and dairy. Just cut out excess sugar, which you don't need anyways, and keep plugging on.
  4. Just remember this. If you're worried about taking off your make up, guys can't even wear it without big consequences. You'll be fine. Plus, I guarantee your boyfriend has suffered from acne, almost all guys I know have at one point.
  5. Tests overnight are not viable results. Results from Retin-A takes months and months to occur.
  6. I highly doubt the pills did it to you. Prevacid is an acid reflux pill, one I took for about 4 years, until I was put on antibiotics and what have you to treat other symptoms of my disease (which turned out not to be acid reflux). I'm willing to bet it's just a coincidence, and Prevacid won't help with your inability to swallow, just reduce stomach acid.
  7. It's razor burn, everyone and their mother gets it. Use a razor with less blades.
  8. Nothing guarantees success for anyone actually, not even Accutane. Good luck and pray though.
  9. You contradict yourself a few times in your thread by saying you eat all fruits and then listing ones you don't eat. Also, you have a lot of stuff taken out of your diet that you should eat, milk being a big one. It's a healthy habit, and for me milk doesn't affect my face. Also, ketchup is the same as tomato sauce, and nuts are very good for your body, as is avocado. And chicken is meat.
  10. thanks. i'm really not, though. where's tacoma?

  11. Start with like every three days for a week or two, then every other, and by the end of the first month, go on every day. I made the mistake of jumping right in with retinoids.
  12. First off, only wash with soap once a day at night. And NOT bar soap. Cleanser, or I just use water. Don't wash at school! And use your products carefully. Don't overwork your face, and Retin-A takes like 3 months to work but it will help! It helped me out.
  13. I'd do it for ya if I could but I can't! Sorry mate but you should be okay just don't play any football.
  14. Rubbish, this makes a lot of sense, good post. Karma89. Two times your weight in protein?! Who recommended that?! You'll kill yourself.