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  1. like the reflection huh? me too, i can see my spots! same!
  2. I will likely buy some tomorrow. any reviews/testimonies?
  3. The same thing happens to me as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated here as well.
  4. Everytime I'm finished applying BP it leaves my face with a coat that can best be described as my face looking glazed.
  5. I've been using two, but it seems like too much. Am I the only one who notices this?
  6. I would like some help with this also.
  7. Just put it on and wash it off quickly. How does this clean your face?
  8. Thanks, but is there anyone who can speak from experience?
  9. after I use the regimen my face feels dry but it looks very shiny. I have to use a wash towel to wipe it away. anyone else notice this?
  10. I went to RiteAid today and they didn't have any panoxyl Gel, just Panoxyl washes... I decided to pick up OXY 10% BP for $6. However, it's only .65 ounces! Anyone have suggestions.
  11. Well my skin is very oily so I guess it will even out. I had a 10% BP wash before and it worked but not 100%, more like 60%.