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  1. well i dont know the answer to that but i find the same thing happens to me. You wake up and get encouraged coz they have improved but as time goes by during the day they just get darker and darker again.
  2. I think everyone should try this. I did this mask a week ago and this week i have noticed a huge change in my red marks. I also did it again tonight and extremely happy with how great this stuff really is:) What i do is crush 2 asprin (only 2 because im still on differin gel and dont wanna irritate my skin). I then add a squeeze of aloe gel and a squeeze of honey. Leave it on for 20 mins and wash off...baby smooth skin!!
  3. Thanks for that dagger...i think i might just do that:)
  4. Thanks but that was last year when i had my acne under control...then it all went pear shaped.
  5. When i went to the health shop she said its impossible to buy 100% aloe vera gel coz it simply wont keep in a bottle. The best one that I and other people have found useful is mother of earth 100% gel. Its 100% gel but not 100% aloe vera gel. Its good stuff and if you look under the treatment views there have been some good stuff said about it:) hope that helps
  6. Hey guys someone recommended emu oil and I typed it in google and it seems to be good stuff. ANyone tried it for their red marks?iv just bought so much stuff in the past so if anyones tried it and had good/bad results please let me know. Thanks:)
  7. So far no new pimples but still early days (the antibiotics might be the reason why). Skin hasnt gone back to its oily state but also no dry skin on face anymore so yeah shouldnt be too much longer until the oil comes back. Havnt used vaseline for my lips in the last 5 days and the lips are pretty much back to normal pre tane. Im still just as tired but this could be the side effect on depression. Doc reckons the accutane could have triggered the depression but personally i think its just m
  8. Well today is the first day iv noticed some improvement in my red marks (a week and a half after finishing tane) Now i think about it this is not a long time at all-considering the last 2months i have seen NO improvement. So looks like the red marks do fade/heal much faster once your off accutane. Had no pimples since prematurely finishing tane but still early days. Good luck everyone and hang in there!
  9. hehe im 5 foot 2 and have mild to moderate acne
  10. This drug really needs to be taken more seriously...doctors here (newzealand) give it out willy nilly and it can be potentially dangerous. Luckily i have not had any trouble with the joints but unfortunately been hit pretty bad with the depression...to the point where i have stopped study (i only have a semester to go but i just cant do it) i rarely leave the house and crying all the time. Its only been just over a week since i stopped meds so im hoping and praying these symptoms fade-unfortun
  11. Im my honest opinion i think you need to prepare yourself for it and weigh out the benefits. For me i only had mild acne and oily skin. Even on low dosage i went from about 2 to 3 pimples to about 15 pimples. I now have scars and red marks from this so after 7 weeks gave up. I dont want to scare you coz i know alot of people have REMARKABLE transformations but do think:) good luck
  12. Yes please let me know how you go. Im in the same boat as you and when its been 3months after accutane im going to try as well. (Iv been off accutane for a week). It would be great to see how much it helps. thanks
  13. That was a lovely story...thanks for sharing:)i think because we know we have acne we look for any imperpections and look into the mirror really close...it makes you wonder how many people actually notice or have a problem with our skin.
  14. "i remember when you first started working here your skin was so nice...now its all pimply."