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  1. So, before I started, I was really scared because I've read so many bad reviews with horrible side effects. But I've only had dry/flaky skin, more severe dandruff than normal, a bloody nose here and there (only at night though?), extremely dry lips, and an extremely dry other end... I don't have any pictures from the initial breakout. It was pretty terrifying. It started with my chin, and now it's on my forehead. But overall my face is worse than before I started, but better than my IB! I've bee
  2. I used to suck my thumb. Try putting a sock over it at night, and whatever you do, don't take it off in the middle of the night! I think when I got braces I stopped, because my teeth hurt so bad lol.
  3. After being on Minocycline going on 5 months now, I am really seeing a difference. I have also been on 10%BP wash in the shower in the morning, followed by a Clindamycin phosphate/BP cream afterwards. I then use Cetaphil moisturizing lotion to help flaking/dryness. At night I wash with a Cetaphil bar and then use a generic version of Retin-a. (Not sure of the %, but it was bumped up in April). Pics: ... I can't get the img tags to work... Just starting: http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x1
  4. Ok, I've decided to put on baking soda after school every day to help with the PIH. I'm planning on picking up some apple cider vinegar at GNC one of these days and I'll use that too.
  5. I'm on day 45 (there's an app for counting days) of my regimen: 105mg Solodyn per day Morning: Wash in shower with 10% Perrigo Benzoyl Peroxide wash, leave on for 5 minutes Benzaclin (Clindamycin Phosphate 1% + Benzoyl peroxide 5%) Cetaphil moisturizing lotion (for all skin types) Night: Cetaphil cleansing bar (for all skin types, I believe) Retin A .04% Here are 2 pictures from day 1: Day 44: I mean I guess you could say slight improvement... I've noticed no burning/tingling with th
  6. Oops. for some reason I can't edit my post. That second link should be http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x188/my.../IMG_0020-2.jpg The img tags don't want to work at all, lol
  7. Alright, well I've been on this regimen since April 6 and I haven't seen much of a difference. A new pimple still pops up every once in a while, and there is no noticable difference in my Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation:
  8. Oh and I'm not sure if it's the inflammation I'm talking about, it's all the leftover red dots that look like acne that I hate. That's the inflammation right?
  9. Haha, no it's cream. And are most zinc supplements small pills? Or are there any chewable versions? I can't swallow pills for my life. And I'm a teenager, so I don't exactly eat the best. But I'm pretty sure it's stress that causes it because it ALWAYS clears up during the summer, during which I eat the same/worse.
  10. I'm on 115mg of Mynocycline a day plus Retin-A .04% at night, some 10% prescription body wash that I leave on for 5 minutes in the shower and Benzaclin in the morning. I don't have many actual bumps but I have a lot of inflammation. I can rub my face (which I know I'm not supposed to) and it feels relatively smooth, but I look at myself in the mirror and it's hideous. How long should I expect to wait until I start seeing improvements with the inflammation? My face is usually oily by the way. I
  11. Thanks for the advice! At the end of the appointment, one of them mentioned accutane. I've read how miserable people get on it- do you think my acne is bad enough to use it, or at least use a low dosage?
  12. Morning: 100mg Doxycycline Hyclate Wash face with Cetaphil bar for dry skin Duac topical gel Night: 100mg Doxycycline Hyclate Wash face with Cetaphil bar for dry skin Retin-A Micro tretinoid gel microsphere 0.04% Why did he tell me to use cetaphil for dry skin? My skin is very oily. Also, the duac came with a SFC lotion. Would I use that in the morning in place of the cetaphil? I haven't noticed MUCH improvement, but I only started Wednesday night, and it is Saturday morning. I haven't noticed
  13. Actually, it helped me a little bit before I went to the derm, its better than proactiv and all that other crap.
  14. do you use aftershave? What shaving cream do you use?
  15. I know it sounds real sad, but I don't have ANY of that stuff. I don't know why. I heard olive oil helps? ( I don't usually have oily skin, I only get oily after eating oily foods). How about Acetone (nail polish remover)? I use Melaleuca cleaning supplies, do you know if any of their products help? Isopropyl alcohol didn't do anything but make my face feel nice and smooth. What about any other home remedy? Garlic? Axe deodorant? I will try ANYTHING! Thanks!