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  1. I don't understand why people react this way. She was going out of her way to try to help because she cares about you. You should at the least be considerate of the advice she is trying to give, even if you are not going to take it.
  2. Acne is not that bad of a condition to have. Be thankful for it. It won't last forever unless YOU get up every single day truly believing it will get worse. Instead try thinking that it can only get better. Most people won't have it forever so why care so much about it? Positive thinking really goes a long way. We're lucky that acne isn't terminal or anything. Some people with terminal illnesses stay so positive! How do they do it? Where did they get the strength to face their problem with so m
  3. Good good! I like your style waka waka, just keep on keeping on!
  4. ugh, this whole predicament is NO fun Joe. Good luck to you mate!
  5. Ya know that feeling you get after watching a movie like Shawshank Redemption? I think it will feel like that and instead of just lasting for a few days after the movie, it will last a lifetime.
  6. NEVER look at a mirror when your in Wal-Mart. Instant mood-killer, even if your going to the premiere of Harry Potter 6 that night!
  7. Does showering do this? Because I usually take my shower within 20 minutes afterwards (after cooldown, stretch, etc.)
  8. I will take this challenge too! As of Friday, July 24 2009 at 10:31PM Please, can anyone offer any tips? As I seem to always have a hand meandering up to my face just to feel around... yuck.
  9. Yea bacne is no fun But even after showering I still seem to get inflamed. This is really frustrating because I don't want to give up running for clear skin.
  10. Yep I know how you feel WhateverItTakes! My first year of college is looming and I still break out frequently. Who knows if it will be better in a month? I just have faith that, even if it isn't, the Lord will give me the strength to face the challenge
  11. Anyone ever feel like working out contributes to acne? Maybe the sweat clogs pores or something I really don't know... it's just, whenever I finish a run I feel refreshed, renewed and overall great until I look in the mirror and BAM new, inflamed red zits are pushing their way through... >.<
  12. I know how you feel my friend. Girls go for jerks and good guys like us get left behind. The only thing I can say is be confident and wait for it. Sooner or later the perfect lady will come along. As for your friend, who cares? He probably has the clap, which is NOT something to brag about/be proud of...
  13. yea man don't worry about sweating. when i sweat it actually seems to help me clear a little.
  14. ugh i kno how you feel man, i have one on the side of my nose right now too! We're pretty much family!