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  1. I think it's safe to say that most physicians formula sucks. it's expensive and sometimes I think the stuff with harsh chemicals just plain looks better sad to say
  2. well 'they' (not dermatologists haha) say that it's only beneficial to wear makeup for the spf assuming you won't be outside all day long and because of the nice ingredients some makeup has....like grape seed oil, witch hazel, chamomile, it's just good conditioning. Almay is good for those things
  3. Dermablend cover creme foundation Aubrey Nicole mineral foundation (because it was Kaolin I thought it would work) Clean and Clear salycilic acid spot treatment alternatives: MAX factor panstick, makesure you have a clean surface to start with because it goes places through out the day, powder it. Neutrogena mineral sheers foundation wonderful, maybelline purestay is good too Queen Helen's mint Julep mask, it's cheap for a big tub, you get your sulfer AND your Kaolin
  4. I know of only two celebs who have amazing skin, Katharine Mcphee and Angelina Jolie. what the heck is Katharine mcphe doing being the spokesmodel for skin ID when she doesn't have acne? Proactive got it right when they used Alicia Keys but Katharine? it made me angry. she's so flippin' beautiful though