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  1. lol so i havent ordered new one yet, can i use normal moisterizer, specifically nivea soft intensive moisterising cream with jojoba oil & vitamin E i mean is my face gonna freak out if i use it. in the past i was using a small amount of cleanser,treatment and moisteriser, but at first i was using lots of cleanser and moisteriser so i have loads of treatment left, low on cleanser but no moisteriser other than the 2 nivea ones i have.
  2. well almost no spots, none really bothersome but my face is quite red around my nose and mouth its really annoying, specially because my skin is so white you can really see the difference,my neck is so white and round my face is white but center of face is so red. around my mouth there is my lips,then white oval shape then redness.its so annoying, i use dans cleanser,moisterizer and treatment. sometimes i use a nivea conditionter during the day but no luck. i also take vitamin c tablets and have
  3. i've been using the dkr regime for 3 weeks now. just at night and heres what i've found so far. 1st week using half pump at night ,cleared up then breakout 2nd week nothing new except i tried to use more than half a pump and my face was red and lobster like for 3 days. 3rd week breakout. i'm still using half pump cos i'm afraid to go up and suffer humiliating red face, there is no way i would consider using bp in the morning atm. the moisterizer makes my face feel so greasy and yucky, my beau
  4. how did u one time a dayers build it up,i am once a day been usin for more than a week but whenever i try more than half a pump i get redfaced.
  5. lol i think i did it again, sucks.i keep goin for 3 quarters of a pump and it keeps burnin me, i been usin half a pump at night, maybe i need half pump mornin and night before i can do 1 pump,. oh well i will find out in the morning
  6. ugh,i did that too, i had like a burnt red goatee for a few days,sucked.now i am scared to use more.
  7. yeah its not too bad, altho i must have used too much bp one day cos it burned instead of stung.sucks. also how come i use bp and my face feels nice and smooth, then i put moisterizer on and my face is shiny and sticky to touch and then makes my bed pillow all discoloured.what i mean is i put bp on and it doesnt feel like it is on my face to be rubbed off, just the moisterizer.
  8. is it really bad for you???
  9. i used it for 4 dAYS and was just fine but yesterday i used a full pump when i was prolly usin half pump or 3 quarter pump, anyway my face is kinda looks like it was dipped in acid now.my dad says to stop using it. oh btw, what can i do to combat redtomatoface do i use less bp? that seems to have been the cause, also my face only stings after i put the moisterizer on. apparantly that is normal.also i read redness is expected but i went 4/5 days without redness so i'd like to not have redtomatof
  10. actually the stinging was more than usual last night,only been using bp for a week but i was using a full pump at night, think i put too much on around my mouth cos its all red today.
  11. yeah it stings, i heard this is normal but boy does it sting sometimes, feels like napalm.
  12. whats the score? i'm on one pump at night cos i'm new to it all but tomorrow is week two so its gonna be one pump in morning and one at night.tbh 2 pumps at once does seem like a lot,i used to use adapalene differin gel nonsense and i used like the teeniest tiniest squirt of it.maybe thats why it never worked haha.silly doctors!
  13. i'm not sure what to think.i bought the starter kit when i was suffering from a bad breakout and thought what the hey.i used to use differin creme (a really small amount every night which worked sorta but not all the time) and then some moisterising nivea for men facewash.i noticed the facewash made my face kinda tight and dry but thought nothing of it. i now feel like i have never washed my face properly before doing the regime, my skin feels better already,i'm only using one pump at night but