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  1. It will go in sometime. In my case it took 2~3 months..
  2. ......Its been around 40 days. As far as the improvement is concerned.. i do see some but its very mild. Well on the negative side i have 4~5 red scars..they appear to be like pimples but they are not pimples and they do not go away.. Does anyone has any idea what are they and how can i get rid of them..?
  3. I had Subcision ( similar to needling ) on tuesday and my doc suggested not to apply that for atleast 3~4 days.
  4. Hi Manu. I had one round of Subcision ( quite similar to needling ) + Dermaroller and my dr. applied 20% Glycolic acid just after this. He said as the pores are open now so the acid can penetrate deep and provide good results. I had this 3 days back so i cannot tell you the results as if now.
  5. Just an update...Face is still red but the redness is going down day by day. Don't know why but got 3~4 new pimples. Could be because of the cream ( Fucidin H ) Or the tablets ( Droxyl 500 ) which the doc asked me to take ...Any Ideas/suggestions..?
  6. Hi Acnepwn, Did you undergo this treatment...?
  7. Hi Guys ...... .....Just wanted to give an update on the treatment... I went through the 1st session 24 hrs back. Below are the details of the procedure which he performed. 1. Doctor started with giving me saline injections on both the cheeks and then started Subcision. I was able to hear the ticking sounds when the doctor breaks the fibrous strands with the needle. He did this with a 19G needle and it took him around 20 minutes to complete this on around 20 scars. 2. H
  8. Hi Usacc, Below are my pics...Any suggestions whether I am going for the right treatment or not..? Definitely don't need $8k-$10k for 70%-80% improvement. Get like 3 subcisions for under $2k. I would avoid fraxel but thats me. @Usacc....Thanks for the inputs. I am from India ..I am planning to go for 2~3 sessions or more depending upon the results from this combine treatment. By the way where are you located and have you seen anyone with scars like mine who has got good
  9. Hi Usacc, Below are my pics...Any suggestions whether I am going for the right treatment or not..?
  10. Axxith....Sorry if i was not clear in my last post. I have just tried lasers till date. This will be the first time i will be going for dermaroller and subcision....I am planning to have few sessions from the doc and afterwards i will buy my own dermaroller and start rolling at home.
  11. Hi Guys, First off all I want to thank the creator and all the members of this site. This site seems to have great information. I have not seen so much information on any other site. I have suffered from acne for almost 12 years. Now they are gone but the major problem is that they have left lot of scars ( more icepick, some boxcar and some rolling scars ) on my cheeks. To be frank.....Life is very difficult to live with those scars. I have gone through 5 Microdermabrasion with 0 % result
  12. Great Improvement.......Please keep updating us the same way you are doing now....Thanks a lot..