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  1. Hey guys! I used to post on this site some time ago, and just remembered it again today. I used to have an Accutane log on here, and thought I'll give a little update on how I'm doing about 9 months after discontinuing treatment. I was on Accutane from early August 2005 to March 2006. I started with oily skin, mild acne (with the occasional cyst), red marks, and scarring. Though my acne severity probably didn't warrant Accutane, my doctor was concerned about scarring. I was 18 when I star
  2. I would say the upper cheeks is a horrible place. Just because the skin is thin and delicate there, so pimples can't be popped and can't heal quickly. It also marks and scars more easily. However, going strictly by appearances, I would say on the nose is the worst.
  3. I used a horrible scrub two days before my university orientation and ended up getting a big raw rugburn-esque wound near my chin. My attempts to cover it up were very obvious, so I ended up wearing a cartoon bandaid on it instead. I told my friends I had tripped and fallen into my bike The (almost) insulting part was that everyone believed I was capable of doing such a thing. So if makeup doesn't work, just slap on a big bandaid (I wouldn't go for the little circular ones, that just scr
  4. I was on Stievamycin too, twice actually. I first went on it a little less than a year ago, and it worked fantastically. I then went on it again in late summer/fall and it was noticeably less effective. A bit of a bummer. But I never got an initial breakout from it. It just made me rather ruddy for a couple weeks. Of course everyone is different, and it seems you can get an initial breakout from anything. I just thought I would tell you about my experience on it, since it isn't a common p
  5. That's one of the greatest feelings in the world. I agree with bella, you can't help but smile afterwards. I see my boyfriend first thing in the morning, and I end up with this creepy Cheshire cat grin afterwards that must make all the people around me think I'm some sort of little pervert.
  6. Don't worry, the mirror-phobia does go away when your skin gets better. But it's only replaced with mirror-philia! When my skin was bad I would avoid the mirror because it just depressed me. But now that I have cleared up, I look at the mirror much more than anyone has right to. Not out of vanity or anything, just to make sure that no new pimples are brewing. ^neurotic.
  7. I would like: - santa to pay off my damn books for next term - flowers (not from santa though) - a one cup coffee maker - a brilliant green scarf and mittens - a lot of get togethers with friends and family
  8. For the mineral makeup experts around here, how is Aromaleigh? I've never tried mineral foundation before and I have the opportunity to get a new jar for a good price right now (makeupalley) I'm mainly wondering... 1) How does this work on normal-dry skin? I know that I look incredibly awful when I apply any loose powder on my cheeks because the skin is just too dry there. Unfortunately it's also my cheeks where I wear makeup 2) Will it wear off or get greasy looking after a couple of ho
  9. Hmm, I never considered green tea could help acne... I drink about 5 cups a day, hot, with loose leaves. I'm Chinese, and I think we got our leaves shipped from the mother country. I'm pretty sure you can find them in Asian supermarkets though. Maybe even the foreign section of normal grocery stores. I don't know what it does for acne, but it perks you up and makes you feel all warm and full. I've probably been drinking the stuff for three years (mainly in the winter though).
  10. I just started dating this guy and I really like him. The only problem is that he likes touching my skin... a lot. This makes me feel incredibly self conscious. My skin isn't anything to complain about anymore, but it's still by no means perfect. His skin, by the way, is. I'm really afraid he'll feel a blemish or some other yucky skin problem. So I usually try to subtlely sidle away, but that's only going to work for so long before he thinks I'm trying to block him out. I'm also really pa
  11. I actually love getting haircuts. My hair looks way better after a cut and style, and I just feel much prettier. I'm really hair-stupid, so everything my stylist does is downright amazing to me. I agree with the dentist/orthodontist thing though. It's even worse because my skin gets flaky after I have my mouth open for a long time. A few months ago my bottom retainer loosened and my orthodontist had to fix it. He set the glue by pointing a blowdryer at my face. Oh, and my orthodontist als