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  1. Well, so far so good. I haven't broken out any from it. It's still kind of weird to put on my face because it's very strong (I don't drink enough water, and no, that's not why I have acne, I used to drink plenty and still had problems). Anyway, I have noticed that when I put it on a whitehead it tends to go down, and the redness I had on some of my spots has started going away. I don't want to jinx it though. I know it's not because of my benzoyl peroxide because that hasn't been working very we
  2. Well, here you go then .. I'm not sure if it's double-blind, it's extremely long and detailed but I think the gist of it was that urine did have a beneficial effect. But why don't you look for this stuff yourself? Anyway, I just tried it. I went in a little cup and used a q-tip to apply it only to my spots. I'm going to leave it on for 30 minutes then wash and shower as usual. I will post results in a few days or as soon as I see any changes in my complexion. :]
  3. I really hope this isn't just a big joke, because I'm going to try this. xD I'll get back with you guys on the results. Hopefully it wont take too long to take effect. D:
  4. Eeep, I don't mean to startle you, but I'm almost positive that's not regular acne. That actually sounds more like a staff infection. I used to get those around my upper legs and pubic region. T_T One even had to be surgically removed. They have an entirely different consistency than acne vulgaris, and they tend to be bigger and leave huge pits when drained. D: I hate them.
  5. Pompadour

    Pompadour's Trial

    I will try not to wear any makeup or photoshop any blemishes out in the following pictures. <3 oh boy! xD I'm on Dan's regimen. I use Cetaphil cleanser, Dans BP, and for now I'm also using the little sample packet of moisturizer that came with the BP. Thank you Dan. ^o^
  6. Thank you thank you thank you! ^^ *hugs*
  7. I stopped drinking dairy about a month and a half ago, and I've noticed a slight decrease in the amount of active lesions on me face. Am I the only one? ;_; I'm Vegan. I don't eat meat or dairy for reasons of compassion. But I am finding myself more healthy than I ever have been in the past. My weight is always stable, I rarely feel sick. It's awesome. I take a prenatal vitamin before bed, and I drink lots of soy milk. So far it's worked really well for me. I still have problematic skin, but I
  8. I have to admit, that sometimes, way deep down, I feel really jealous that my fiance has such beautiful skin. He's a complete angel. I don't think I've ever wished that he had bad acne like me though, because he used to have a little tiny bit of acne. So he already knows what it's like. But you know all those jerk-faces that make comments about your face and skin? Yeah, those people should TOTALLY have acne for a few days. Then maybe they'd understand and be a little more sensitive towards o
  9. Sorry for the newbish question! ^^; But how do I make the pictures on my profile public and not private? Am I just overlooking something? D:
  10. hi there.. welcome to acne.org :)...

    as for my eyes i got it from my mama :)