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  1. Supplements are a waste of dam money! Everything you need is provided in natural food. Organic vegetables and fruit or home grown vegetables and fruit Organic berries or wild berries you pick and eat Wild animals that you hunt and eat Chickens that eat natural food and lay eggs on a farm or wild eggs Gluten free grains like quinoa, rice, and etc.. Beans There is nothing hard about having clear radiant beautiful skin. If you eat like that you will not get sick. Prove it? The natives and other
  2. Metabolic Typing is a bunch of CROCK! It was developed so that people could answer some questions and be told what they want to eat! Please do not waste your money with metabolic typing! Fruits and vegetables do not cause skin problems. If you are having skin problems it could be because of other things you are eating or alot of different things. Fruit and vegetables will not give you skin problems. Wild animals that are hunted and eaten will not give you skin problems. Gluten free grains wil
  3. I love green smoothies! http://img27.picoodle.com/data/img27/3/8/1...79m_a7a740a.jpg http://img27.picoodle.com/data/img27/3/8/1...84m_9aeb6ff.jpg All I do guys is eat healthy food! If you eat junk food like donuts, chips, hotdogs, candy, and etc.. you may not break out. Why? Well breaking out with acne has alot more to do with the fried foods, fast foods, fatty foods, and heavy oils! I feel the two biggest culprits are animal products(meat and milk). That is why if someone goes on a junk food
  4. If you have acne I would not suggest you put jojoba oil on your face. I did that and although it made my face incredibly soft it also made it more prone to break out! If your skin is flaky or dry that is due to an interall issue. Instead of jojoba oil I would use aloe vera! Now I don't want you to go to the store and buy aloe vera gel. You will either have to see if any stores around there sell an aloe vera leaf or you can buy the plant. What you do is slice the green sides off and wash the gell
  5. I know this has probably been said a million times over, but it is so important if you want to be acne free and have clear skin. Diet does matter! Please do not take my word for it though! Read what the experts have to say! Eruptions on the surface of the skin usually indicate an acidic condition in the blood. This comes from eating too much meat, fried food, sweets, and white flour products, as well as drinking a lot of coffee, colas, and soft drinks. Watermelon juice flushes a lot of this aci
  6. Or you could just be happy and not worry about how long your going to live, but rather live now!
  7. I'm going to live to be 100,000,000,000 years old lol! With that many years old your age look as good you were not hmm? LOL Yoda
  8. For breakfast lol I eat a green smoothie! 1lb of fresh crispy lettuce with my favorite monkey food! oh and its gotta have at least 1-2 ounces of super chia seed to build strong and healthy bones!! and have energy like an aztek warrior
  9. Hey Healthoid! I don't usually get out in the sun much cause I work an overnight job. I could be low in calcium I don't know. I have just started to eat those chia seeds though yesterday and they have alot of calcium and boron in them. That way I am getting like a glass of milk with every green smoothie I drink down!
  10. Yes it does Thats awesome! I mean im not going to go out eating junk all the time, but to know that having a healthy diet is protective makes me feel real happy lol!
  11. @Danny... Danny do you think that eating high nutrient density food after eating all that junk would somehow counteract the negative effects of the bad food?
  12. Hey guys unfortunately my experiment didnt go as planned and i didnt break out at all .. if anything my face seems more clear lol very weird!!.. anyways i am back eating high nutrient density food like dr joel fuhrman! picture of me! i just woke up and didnt break out! very strange http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2h4gh8j&s=4 i had a whole box of junior mints .. thats about 595 calories.. 8.75g saturated fat.. 105mg sodium..122.5mg carbohydrates...3.5g fiber..112g sugar,,, abd it had all
  13. lol guys i have to all let you know something really weird that has happened to me today lol.. alright well you all know that i eat those green smoothies with the banana and 1 head of lettuce lol.. well today i decided to make chia gel lol.. and so i put 1/3 cup of chia in 2 cups of water and put it in my frig lol .. it formed and then i took like 4 or 5 tbsp of it and put it in with my green smoothie lol.. anyways i went to the gas station and the girl in there was like are u ok lol!! im like y
  14. I am going to do an experiment to prove that there is foods that can cause pimples lol and that I have not always had nice skin... I will go buy some chips, bacon, eggs, and make a blt with eggs and drink whole fat milk! I will eat two or three of these sandwiches cause i have an appetite right now.. then i will take pictures as i start receiving the nice red pimples on my face lol!! then after i have proven the deadly effects of these foods i will eliminate them and see if the pimples go away