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  1. All right, so I got my retin-a. My official full start to my regiman!......how scary I hope this works
  2. Well I tried the Avar and clindagel. I really like it! They are so gently and my skin feels smooth! Not much results visually figuring its only been a day, but I love the avar. Its very cleansing and gentle. And I am not experiencing much oiliness
  3. Ok guys and gals, I just got back from my first visit at the derm. Here is what I am prescribed: Avar Cleanser (sodium sulfacatamide 10% sulfur 5%) Clindagel (equivalent to 1% clindamycin) and.. Retin A Micro (.1%) As for my tinea versicolor, I get Nizoral and Selenium Sulfide 2.5% I got a bunch fo samples of avar and clindagel, but because of the STUPID Hurricane Jeanne, the lines at Eckerds were FULL (I had to ride back up to Gainesville so I wouldnt get stuck in South Florida). I'm g
  4. Neutrogena moisturizers always seemed to burn me.
  5. Phisoderm, it dried me out and now I have milia all over >.>. it gave me blackheads, too.
  6. 2% was still too drying for me. I now use Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Facial Wash. It's REALLY nice, it smooths my skin and it makes my skin nice and soft. I have some whiteheads and blackheads, but no pimples. It is a .5% (no typo there), so it is extra gentle. It has soy extracts that prevent overdrying and lighten your skin but I can't test its effectiveness.
  7. oh btw I used to have mild acne, but after staying on the NuSkin products, I am clear . May not work for everyone, maybe it was just hormones. Creamy Cleansing for Normal/Dry http://www.nuskinusa.com/cgi-bin/nsweb/pro...leanse+and+Tone Pure Cleansing Gel Combination To Oily Skin http://www.nuskinusa.com/cgi-bin/nsweb/pro...leanse+and+Tone I use a toner (The MAttefying one) for my oily skin though.
  8. I use Nu Skin Creamy Cleansing Lotion for Normal/Dry Skin I have oily skin, so I am going to switch to the one for combination/oily one once I run out. It doesn't make me oily though, and it smells NICE !
  9. I combine two moisturizers. I love the Eucerin Renewal AHA Lotion. It has lactic acid which is much more gentle than glycolic (Neutrogena Healthy Skin burned and stung me!) It is slightly oily but it has made my skin tone nice. I combine it with Nu Skin Moisture Restore Combination/Oily Skin lotion. This is the BEST I have ever had, but it has no AHA. It is very thin, and moisturizes better than Eucerin. - Moisture Restoreâ„¢ Day Protective Lotion (Combination to Oily) A high
  10. Seems too harsh....sulfur is really strong.
  11. Ugh, research! Lactic acid is just as potent (if not more) than glycolic acid and is much more gentle. -_- SA + BP seems way too harsh....but whatever floats your boat. I hated glycolic acid too, I liked lactic acid.
  12. uhm....ow. One time I was dying my hair (again) and it got on my face! The only thing that would wash it off was BLEACH, and BOY DID IT BURN. I don't think that is very wise XD