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  1. so far yogurt works the best to reduce red marks .. and to get healthy glowing skin ... maybe you can buy some concealer or cream for skin imperfections .... the derm gave me .. but still i think yogurt is the best !
  2. hey guys ? do you guys still had any pimples or cyst coming out during the 2nd month ... like one just popped out ... or people starts to get clear on the 2nd month
  3. is it alright if i do yogurt mask twice a week ? to reduce the blemish and red marks ?
  4. hey dude . i'm on 10mg per day and i'm oding fine . you dont need high dosage to see improments .. i'm seeing improvements even though i'm on 10 mg per day ... works great ... low dosage prevent Initial breakout ... =D
  5. tremendouz improvement on my cystic acne on 10mg per day . no more existing pimple ... red markds / scars starting to fade fast..... on differin 0.01 mg . twice a day .... will post up picture...... i dont need 6 months to heal .. 3 months will do =)
  6. you have come this far . 35 pills would be nothing . i would definately advise you not to give up .. for your age , acne is not likely to return . but prevention is better than cure . you can deal with your hair and joints after the 35 pills ...
  7. initial breakout would be during 1st week t0 3rd or 4th week ....increase of dosage might lead to further IB . . hang in there . the existing cycst and pimples will be pushed out . finish week 3 and gonna finish week 4 now . bigi mprovements .
  8. did nay of your dermatologist prescribed you with differin and accutane on the same time ?
  9. hey there haaaa .. yeah where are you from ? .... so how's your acne ? everything cleared up ????
  10. hey guys .. i'm on 10mg daily for 3 weeks , the derm saw a huge improvement on my severe cystic acne ... i weigh 70kg and the doctor only prescribe me on 10mg . side effects is rather minimal .. she prescribe me on 1 month 10mg and twice daily topical differin cream ... seeing her in one month time wish me luck ... just telling you guys that heavy dosage wouldnt be the soultion but go slow
  11. How long does it usually takes for the initial breakout to complete ? i'm finishing week 2 . still 2 or 3 pimples popping out . but no more cyct like acne . the pimples come out fast and only take 1 or 2 days to dry
  12. hey most IB on the 2nd month is caused by the increase of dosage so sudden and so big .. like a jump form 10mg to 40 mg .... i dont think the derm would do that ... i'm working my way to clear skin now .. just finished 2 weeks ... gonna start the 3rd week before i see my derm in the last of 3rd week ....my lips crack , my face is not that dry .. normal ....using neutrogena moisturizer spf 15 , gonna changed to cetaphil ...... so how's your acne ?? still purging out ??? i only have blackheads and
  13. Hey there ... my lips are cracking now ... lol ... gonna finish 2 week and going into the 3rd week ... i'm doing good with 10mg ... no cycstic acne anymore .. only pimples ... but they come and go fast .... and they are tiny ... blackheads are coming out ..... oh i think the drug is working ... on 10mg ... that is awesome ... lesser side effects .....hey yeah i'm using moisturizer with SPF15 .... and i dont usually go out under the sun ... i'm avoiding the sun now .... =) cheers ....oh btw how a
  14. hey guys , i don't know if it's because of the low dosage but my acne is drying up and the red amrks are slowly fading away .. i'm in week 2 now ...i have severre cystic acne ... on 10mg a day ... good luck ...
  15. it's just red marks some minor scarring that would eventually heal itself over time ... dont be paranoid .. you'll do okay ... at least it's not the type of scar that leaves a hole